Desk action

Phil Sunday, September 5 at 4:39am
I can see papers, books flying as you knock them off the desk as I am behind you fucking you hard and deep, your tits pressed into the desk, I roll you over, sit you on the desk, I pull your hips to me as I plunge my hard, wet cock deep inside of you.

The historic photo is very erotic. I know he found her nipples hard, yearning to be gently pinched and sucked. As his hand slipped into her panties, he felt her warmth before his fingers found soft, wet flesh, as his finger slips across her clit, her knees get week, her head drops back in a sigh, now his fingers slip inside and she is so wet, so hot, he feels her cum and knows she is ready for his tongue and then his cock. I liked the picture. 

Good morning!

Phil September 5 at 5:01am
I have this image of dark hair falling around my hips and sudden hot wetness as you take me in your mouth. Feels incredible, your tongue swirling around the head of my dick, your fingers fondling my balls, I feel a finger probing my ass, I groan as my hips thrust, feeling your finger slide into my ass, ahhhh yeah, now you are sucking me deep into your mouth, finger working my ass, it’s almost more than I can stand, gonna cum and then you stop, allow the sensation to ease. You flip around bringing your pussy to my face, so wet, I slip my tongue inside and you again start to suck, the finger is again teasing. I spread your ass and slip my togue into your ass, you stop for a second, sigh and it goes on. I feel you cum on my tongue, feel and taste your juices flowing, you now earnestly are sucking, stroking my cock, your finger pumping and twirling in my ass and I explode in your mouth. You climb on top of me guiding my cock into your pussy. Then as our hips are thrusting to meet, you kiss me, the taste of my cum fresh on your tongue
September 5 at 5:37am
It is definitely a good morning. bet, if you listen very carefully, you can hear my screams of ecstasy all the way down there.
September 5 at 6:41am
Silent Sunday morning. Watched the sunrise over the Bunker Hill monument, tiny crescent moon setting over Boston. Blissful 59 degrees. Seagulls winging by. Not a single car in the mall parking lot. Haven’t seen a sunrise in ages, but something… someone drew me to my computer… you. And then I read your messages. And I can’t go back to sleep.
You! My marvelous man, you can write. Thank you for writing to me. It makes me feel so special to be worth someone’s time. Someone’s words. Your incredible words.
There was a stupendous reaction to your words. It may be quiet outside, but there are fireworks inside me. Sunday fireworks. Like the 4th of July combined with New Year’s inside me. Chinese New Year. Hot hot hot. I feel like I’ve been kicked by a horse…right below my belly button…I am twisting, squirming, pulsing…dripping… damn.
If you can do this with a few pixels of text on a screen, I shudder to think what it will be like when you can get your hands on me. And your mouth on me. when your words can be whispered in my ear, augmented by your cock sunk deep inside me. Want. want. want…
Ah, chemistry. Alchemy. Everything is transforming to gold.
September 5 at 7:06am
Phil? Sit up straight. Quit looking at my chest. Pay attention!
Serious for a moment. I know…me…serious twice in one week…weird. I want to try to make something clear. Something very important. There may be a physical connection between us. But there will be more than the sex. (Yes, there’s more!)
Maybe you’ve sensed this already, but I want to make it clear.
I am going to be nice to you. Kind. warm. sweet. caring. smiling. I am going to listen to you. and tell you things. Honestly. And do stuff to make you happy. and pray for you. That’s what I am like to everyone. But even more so for you. I don’t have a mean bone in my body. You are going to be treated well. Respected. Treasured. Not because of what you do for me, but because you deserve it. Oh, I do so hope you get what I am talking about.
Ok. You can go back to looking at my chest again. 😉
Phil September 5 at 8:39am
I enjoy hearing about your life, things around Boston just as much. I like to talk about travel, work, kids, pets, suckass Redsox, 1st place Yankees and I like to look at your chest

September 5 at 8:51am
You will pay for those baseball comments. I swear. You really aren’t supposed to gloat.  Just because your team is 10 games up. Brat.
I don’t mean “we can’t just talk about sex all the time.” Although we probably can’t. I am getting dehydrated as it is!
Maybe you’re just teasing me. but I was trying to say…I am not like the other women in your life. I will be nice to you.
Now I’ll go back to sucking your earlobe while you fuck my brains out.
September 5 at 10:15am
I’m typing on my Dad’s computer. He used to be a whiz with it, but hasn’t touched it in awhile. I’m with my dad while my mom goes to church. I got him to talk! He was even laughing a little. I was being a goofball, to see if I could get him to react. This cooler weather is easier on his heart. Now he’s snoozing.  I wonder if I am allowed to type sexy stuff on my dad’s computer..hmmm….have to ponder that.
September 5 at 7:34pm
Had a lovely afternoon nap. We’ve talked about morning sex and evening sex… what about an afternoon delight? 😉 I had this image of being mostly asleep, spooned up against you. And then you got a better idea. Mmm….

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  1. I love a conversation between two people who can write. My emails to my lover are one sided. He should do more for me I think after reading this.

  2. Wow! Very vivid and sexy! Thank you for sharing this with us all.

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