From the museum

Phil Saturday, September 4 at 5:01am
Nice. Have an image of you dancing around in your underwear. The thought makes my dick jump. Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

September 4 at 5:37am
still dark. rain over. quiet. humid. smells like the ocean.
black underwear in the living room.
Sleepy. Cuddly. Going back to bed to mull over phrases like “makes my dick jump” that make my insides clench and roll like rocking waves during a storm. shaking.
dream of quiet, slow, sleepy morning sex. ooxxt

Phil September 4 at 7:50am
I like morning sex. Get some sleep. Gorgeous day here, warm. Not a cloud in the sky. Awesome beach day!

September 4 at 9:12am
Awake now. Thanks to hungry mean old Maine coon cat.
Bright sunshine. Big breeze…cat puts his face to the wind and lets it ruffle his fur on the balcony. I let the sun beat on my face.

Breakfast at my desk. V-8 and Kashi Go Lean Protein Fiber Bar. 
Not worthy of a photo.
You behind me…your mouth on my neck. Biting my shoulder. 
Whispering…”back to bed…”
“No, no…must get stuff done..”

Phil September 4 at 10:34am
If you don’t want to leave your desk, I could of course just bend you over the desk. Just a thought

September 4 at 12:18pm
Oh, my. A very good thought. Hot thought. You are wicked. I like wicked. Just wrote a long serious post. Can’t send it now. Have to go to my bunk. ooxxxttttt
September 4 at 12:19pm
So if I were to send a photo, where would I send it? 
It’s not of me…but…you’ll see.
Phil September 4 at 12:20pm
my email
Emailed him the photo at 1:34 pm – my first email to him

from The Sex Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

September 4 at 7:57pm

Hope you had a great day!
Another quiet Saturday evening – Hubby’s gone out to a party. My desk will never look quite the same to me! My mind is racing with what you’d do to me on it… damn. Tell me more.  You are making everything around me into triggers. It’s great!

2 thoughts on “From the museum

  1. Naughty texts, e-mails and online chats can be really sexy, and make wonderful fodder for blog posts. Very hot.

  2. Yes, this was very sexy. I approve…and I’m jealous.

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