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September 1, 2010
Phil hey sexy girl
fun night> going to bed early tonight. Long day tomorrow
11:04pm Phil nite Sassy
11:04pm Me smootch
11:05pm Me You are going to sleep early. You are not going to talk to me. You are not going to let me fuck your brains out. You are going to sleep.
11:06pm Phil oh god
I would let you fuck me, suck me, stroke me, sit on my face
Have plenty of energy for that
11:07pm Me Really…Sleep. Don’t think about it. Don’t think about me sitting here…   dripping…smelling of Thai spices…
wanting you…
11:09p Phil  You kill me. Love that you are dripping, good for you
11:09pm Me Just roll over and sleep…
I’ll watch over you.
I’ll be good.
I won’t roll over next to you and play with you ass…
I won’t slip into your dreams and make you dream of wild tropical nights
I won’t whisper to you about climbing onto your lap on the back of the school bus… unzipping your jeans… putting you inside me
and letting every bump of the wretched backroads shove you further and further inside of me
11:12pm Phil I was just thinking of that! your fingers up my ass as your mouth or hand works my cock, oh yea, my cock is rock hard, bouncing in that hot wet pussy, so tight
11:12pm Me while you have to bottle your screams so everyone sitting around us doesn’t realize I just popped my cherry sitting inches from them
Not mentioning any of that.
11:13pm Phil  I would have loved to be the one. I wanted you so bad. Wanted to taste your pussy, wanted to taste your ass, wanted to fuck you so bad
would have been the first time for both of us
11:15pm Me Somehow, what we did seems hotter to me now…
11:15pm Phil you are probably right
pretty hot for the day
11:15pm Me Tied up in possibilities…potential… frustrations…illicit
explorations… instinct…
11:17pm Me Might be because most since have ended up the same old way…a nice way…but predictable…inevitable… where there were always unanswered questions for us…
something to tease the brain…
make the nipples hard…
the slow burn…
But 30+ years of foreplay does begin to seem like enough!
So you had a great beer?
You’re feeing good?
11:23pm Me Sleep now…
I’ll stop pestering you.
11:26pm Me Except in my mind…

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