I posted a video on my wall in the early morning hours.  
“It’s Getting Better All the Time” by The Beatles

Good Morning
Between You and Phil

Phil September 1 at 9:05am
Good Morning! Hope you have a great day. Last night was something else. Was fun. Have to get some serious work done today. Off to the gym in a bit and then out to dinner with friends. Tomorrow is a concert and then the drive home. Hope the storm does not soak the weekend. Should be past and gone by friday.
September 1 at 11:56am
Good morning! Wowzers. I feel so good today!!!!!
And you are the only person in the entire world who knows why.
Thank you for last night’s discussion. Very productive.
It is very tempting to invite you to lunch. On FB…or on the phone.  There are at least 10 things I want to tell you…things I want to do…things I want to ask you to do. But I will be good, let you get work done.
 I posted another video on my wall.  “I Feel Good” by James Brown

Phil September 1 at 12:16pm
Great workout! Feel invigorated, muscles all pumped up, heart banging, wonderful. So tell me tell me tell me. Big ass German beers coming up! Can’t wait. Been dyeing to try this place. Still gotta drop and do some core work. Gotta keep the middle part strong

September 1 at 2:32pm
Oh…sweet man…it is so hot to think of you all pumped up. And writing to me in the midst of it! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world today. Of course…right now it is so so hot to think of you at all. Doing anything. Or nothing.
Great menu for the German place. Hope the food is great.  But hope it makes you think of something else you could be eating if you weren’t 600 miles away. ME! I was eyeing the sausages…made me think of what I could eat. YOU! My mouth wrapped around you, my tongue doing it’s magic…my fingers in interesting places nearby. Moving, sucking, licking…biting just a little, twirling my fingers up your ass, around your balls…making it hotter…harder…SHIT. I can not even read a restaurant menu with jumping off the deep end!
September 1 at 2:37pm
I do long for the day when I am not typing in some tiny FB chat window or talking on a dying cellphone. When I can touch your skin and see you move and feel… Though at the same time, I dread it because I can’t be thin and 25 years old in person. *sigh* But I am working on trusting you that it won’t be a problem…

September 1 at 2:47pm
Last night…last night…my mind was totally blown. And that does NOT happen. I can usually hold on to bits of my brain…even during the hottest action. And much of the time, when it was over, it’s over. But I lost it. Completely… and I am still thinking about it. And wanting more.
First, you inspire me. I have never posted a video to my FB status before. And I picked one because it was exactly how I felt…maniac…hot for you… moving… pounding. And it turns out to be a song you know…one you like…one you understand. One that makes you hot for me. That’s the way this is going be. Wow. Music is suddenly alive for me again. And in a whole new way.
Second, I was soaked as I have never been before when you called me. Just from your voice. In the first 10 seconds. I could not tell you I was having a major internal explosion while you are saying “hello, gosh your voice is a little different” but I can tell you now. I am not a phone person. The web is my domain. But I loved it last night. Pondering which is better… FB or phone… Hmmm…hard to say. Any thoughts?
You do something to me…you have the right key to unlock my innermost places and shed light and heat…it is HOT! You have some kind of special sexy superpower. I want you to use it for good. On me.
And our typing. You reading about me being wild…not judging… Replaying it now… marveling at how we can talk about anything and everything. Boggling at how you can follow where I take you. Eagerly. And how my words stayed with me – I was able to set the scene and stick with it even when I was about to explode. You get it and roll with it…and make it even better than it was. The wildest night I can remember, and you make it better. In text. Damn. Because it is your strong shoulders I see now, bite now…your hips pounding on mine…your hands…and your smile I see when I send you places you’ve never been before, put ideas in your head… MEXICO…tongues…twists…one bed… BOOM@!
September 1 at 3:00pm
Smiling at us talking on the phone about both having been in the same bar in Boston the same July 4th weekend. How you were the one who kept the others out of trouble, and I was always talking with that guy. Freaking out that you might have been one bar stool over and I never saw you. We may discover other moments like this…like a bad movie where we keep missing each other. But screw that…we’re here now!
Thinking about what might have happened. Maybe your buddy chats with me at the bar, asks where I’m from, and says, “Huh? One of the guys at my table is from there. Small world, eh? I’ll go get him.” And I think “Oh, great…one of the doofs from home.” Then you walk toward me…and your eyes widen…we would both smile…where would it go from there? What would you have done? Perhaps fodder for another conversation…
September 1 at 3:05pm
I have good intentions. I meant to let you work today. I meant to get work done myself. But I can’t… I don’t know how long this will last, but as long as it does, I am riding it like the crest of the best wave Oahu’s North Shore ever rolled. And then lying naked on the hot sand with a big smile on my face.
Phil September 1 at 3:09pm
I liked both FB and the phone. I have an active imagination so I can visualize. I could see everything that was happening last night. I could smell the room, feel the sweat, see it all. Was very easy to follow along. 

I would never be judgmental. There is not much I have not considered sexually and not much I would not try under the right circumstances. No pain, just pleasure. My room smelled like cum last nite. I kind of liked it. Like the way it smells and tastes. 

I checked out the menu too. I am more impressed with the beer but will have the Brat wurst thinking about you sucking and licking and fingers twirling in my ass. Sounds like great fun! Can’t wait to hear of other adventures. I have nothing that exciting to tell. Wish I did. That situation was very hot. I’ll remember that for a long time. Will be masturbation tool. Sure was last nite. Hope you are enjoying your day. Hope you stay moist all day long.
[I sent him photos of various Mexican beaches] 

September 1 at 4:25pm
Silly blue “Kool-aid” colored water…white sand…a place I will never forget!
September 1 at 4:39pm
You’ve had adventures. You have things to talk about. I’ve certainly enjoyed hearing about your adventures with that high school girl!
I see adventures in your future. With your imagination and powers of description, I can give you a prompt or you can tell me about something that you’ve been wondering about…and we can roll with it! We can be whoever we want, wherever we want…and play it out. If you want to…

Phil September 1 at 4:39pm
Love the caribbean. Been to most of it. Great beaches, great drinks, great fun 
September 1 at 4:50pm
The most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen was Trunk Bay on St. John, USVI. Did you ever get there?
September 1 at 5:42pm
What does drinking do to you? Mellow? Wilder? Not mean, I hope…
Phil September 1 at 5:50pm
Been to St Johns, not sure what beach. The German place is awesome!
Phil September 1 at 9:00pm
Hey you hot little wench! Hope you had a good evening. Dinner was wonderful, beers were great, german music, good company, was fun. Thought of you when my bratwurst came
Phil September 1 at 9:08pm
Had a great dinner and drinks. Now I want to be licked, stroked, sucked, fucked. Lower that pussy over my face. Give me access to your pussy and ass. Really in the mood to feel your fingers thrusting and twirling up my ass. Damn I’m horny – thinking about Mexico – dicks on my cheek, cum coated tits, hot pussy, young pussy, hot tight asses, damn
September 1 at 9:10pm
Wench, huh? Wench?! Hee! I will wench you…you handsome man. Right now I could fuck you right into next week. Just woke up from a nap. Wish it had been you waking me up. Slowly…deeply.
I am not going to touch the line about the bratwurst coming… sounds messy. 🙂
My evening has sucked so far. But it is getting better now.
Phil September 1 at 9:17pm
Sorry to hear that. You should be sucking me.
September 1 at 9:28pm
Having Thai food…delivered…hot stuff. Wish I could order you delivered…you’d look great on my doorstep…with sauce
Phil September 1 at 9:33pm
I love spicy food. Love Thai and Indian yummy.
September 1 at 9:47pm
I would like to be eating spicy food right now with you…naked…there would be lots of spills down my front that you could lick off…and then you’d get sloppy and spill some and I’d have to go after that…can’t waste food…slurp.
There’s this website called Do you have that in D.C.? They get restaurants to list with them, then coordinate delivery. So each restaurant doesn’t have to handle delivery, insurance, credit cards etc. There are 179 places that will bring us dinner…too easy. We do Thai, Italian, Irish, Chinese, sushi…even a place that bring breakfast! BACON!
Phil September 1 at 10:04pm
Yea have those here too. I like thai, indian, chinese, sushi, mexican, italian 
September 1 at 10:06pm
Thinking about what you will taste like…salty…spicy… passionfruit!
September 1 at 10:09pm
Friend posted a fun video…all these dance scenes from dozens of movies, pieced together really well, to the Footloose music. Made me want to jump up and dance…they dump in everything – Fred Astaire, Michael Jackson, Mama Mia, White Nights, Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, Step Up…on and on…
Wish I could be dancing with you…fast then slow and slower…
Phil September 1 at 10:09pm
Generally sweet. I have tasted before
September 1 at 10:12pm
“Generally sweet…” Makes sense to me…you are so sweet in so many ways!
Phil September 1 at 10:16pm
I’m sure it’s what I eat but never trasted it bitter or bad, always kind of sweet
September 1 at 10:27pm
Another beautiful beach…Waipeo Valley on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Black sand…wild horses…and you look up this huge jungle valley at 1500 ft high cliffs and a waterfall…paradise!
Our tour guide was a local…asked him if it ever gets cold there. He said it gets down to 60 degrees sometimes! Heh. I said he didn’t know what cold was then, and he laughed, saying “Lady, I did my basic training at Great Lakes in February – I know cold!”
Phil September 1 at 10:38pm
Only been to Oahu. Would like to see the others. Gonna freeze my ass off after I move.
September 1 at 10:40pm
Whenever you feel cold, you can ping me or ring me up. I will fix it. You’ll be hot in no time flat.
September 1 at 10:43pm
You just need the right coat and boots. Get one of those full-length down coats that make people look like the Michelin man. In black. With a hood. And boots from LL Bean or someplace serious. Makes a big difference.

September 1 at 10:58pm
Sleep well…sweet man.
Phil September 1 at 11:02pm
Nite Sassy

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