That night in Mexico

He pinged me for a Facebook chat about 10:15 pm.  It was so hot, I forgot to make a record of it.  ARRGH! How could I not record it?  But it was a sign of how high he took me… Use your imagination on this one, but here are a few details. 

He asked me what was the wildest thing I had ever done sexually?  I usually balk at telling a prospective lover about the men in my past.  I’m not sure why, but I didn’t hesitate to tell him the story about the night long ago in Mexico at the disco when I was a wild and crazy 25 year-old.  My female friend and I were picked up by a couple of British soldiers.  
He listened to the first part of the story and said that he could totally see himself in that situation.  And so could I.  Role play!  He wove his reactions into my story, taking the place of the older soldier who was keeping the young kid out of trouble.  The guy who ended up in a hotel bed with me.  While the young kid was in the next bed with my friend.  And then we were all in the same bed together.  FOURSOME!  He was embellishing my story to make it better for me.  It made so much sense to me that I can’t remember the real story, only the version with him in it.  He took the hottest night of my life before he found me, and made it even hotter.  
Here’s how my story started: 
On our second night in a tropical paradise, Eleanor and I hopped a taxi to the disco attached to one of the fancy hotels on the water.  We made quite a pair – I was a tall, thin, busty woman with waist-length dark hair and a big smile.  She was a tall, thin, busty woman with long blond hair and a big smile.  We were waiting in line to get in when a couple of guys approached us and asked us to take them inside with us.  The bouncers weren’t allowing men into the club unless they were accompanying women.  They were cute and polite, well-dressed and clean shaven, said they’d buy us a drink, so we agreed.  
It turned out they were British soldiers.  Ricky was short, blond and cute in a baby-faced Brad Pitt “Thelma and Louise” way.  He had that wild and crazy look to him.  Fraser was taller, more handsome and quiet in a calm Kevin Costner “No Way Out” way.  His commander had assigned him to stick to Ricky, keep him out of trouble.  
Ricky and Eleanor dove onto the dance floor.  Fraser asked if I wanted to dance and I said I’d rather sit for a few minutes.  It was crowded, but we found a table overlooking the dance floor, ordered Cokes and took in the scene, chatting about our work.  It didn’t matter what he said, I loved his British accent!  During a break after a couple of dances, Ricky came over and whispered something in his ear, slapping a huge peso note on the table.  He looked uncomfortable.
“What did he say?” I asked.  Fraser blushed, looking unsure whether to tell me.  Then he leaned very close and whispered in my ear, nodding toward the money.
“I can have that if I can get my tongue down your throat in the next 30 seconds,” he answered sheepishly.  He shrugged, then smiled.  I smiled back. Ricky and Eleanor watched intently from the middle of the dance floor.   
“Go for it,” I told him.  He put his palm on my cheek and kissed me very softly on the lips.  Then he wove his fingers into my hair at the back of my neck, twisted his head and stuck his tongue down my throat, making quite a show of it so the couple watching would have no question that he had succeeded.  I didn’t respond, just let him win the bet.  He kissed me on the cheek, then sat back grinning, and gave Ricky a thumbs-up while pocketing the pesos.  Ricky came rushing over, gave him a high-five, then skipped back to the dance floor and grabbed Eleanor for a long kiss.  
Fraser took my hand and said, “Thank you.  I appreciate it.  I don’t usually give in to his antics, but I wanted to do it myself,” he admitted.  I smiled and squeezed his hand while the speakers blared Aretha Franklin belting out her latest dance tune “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?” 
and when the back-up singers got to those words… there was a power failure!  No lights, no air moving.  Silence.  Ricky and Eleanor made their way to our table.  And the lights came back on.  
“Let’s get outta here,” Ricky suggested.  Fraser nodded.  He took my hand and led us out through the crowd and the others followed. 

Tune in tomorrow when I tell Phil what our chat did to me.  

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