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Scandalous status update
Between Phil and You
August 31 at 1:19am
Wondering if I should write in my status field “Sassy just helped one guy 600 miles away shoot his wad via FB chat with her husband reading in the chair next to her desk.” 😉
My sister said my new glasses make me look like a superhero in disguise… Wonder Sass, Super Sass, Mega Sass! I certainly feel pretty powerful right now. Wheee!

Phil August 31 at 7:28am
Good morning. Gorgeous morning! Have a great day! Glad to see your status does not say that! Had to check real quick 🙂
August 31 at 7:37am
Good morning! It is a beautiful morning…day 3 of the heat wave. Certainly has been strangely hot recently…*fans face*
Phil August 31 at 7:46am
LOL, slept well last night. Can’t imagine why. Drank a ton of water, had to replace all that fluid 🙂
August 31 at 8:02am
So glad to hear you slept well. 🙂
Our sandbox is on my mind. An interesting concept. It reminds me of being an aunt. My sister has this great child. She isn’t mine. I can’t live with her or control much of what happens with her. And I miss a lot of her best moments. But I don’t have to deal with the bad moments or wash her socks. I can swoop in every now and then and spoil her.
Similar concept with us…not real life…no socks to wash…no special moments at holidays…no day-to-day…no “take out the garbage!”…just the sandbox where we can play and talk and spoil each other. Our own island, maybe…for a more grown-up phrase. You don’t have to or get to deal with me all the time, so we are free to tackle life deepest moments…but not free in other ways. Very special to each other…And what we do there can make our lives better, give us a release, fill certain needs, teach each other stuff, gather strength for the rest of life…and memories. Does that make any sense?
Off to the shower…
Phil August 31 at 10:28am
Who knows. Conventional wisdom says all this other stuff. Last night was exciting and fun. Having a confidant, someone to share things with is cool. I am enjoying whatever us is. Nothing wrong with that. Off to the gym with me. Time to sweat.
August 31 at 2:07pm
Eating lunch at my desk…thinking of you. Hoping you are having a good day.
I’m doing the NY Times crossword puzzle. Not good at it, but I try. People in the office do it and we have fun talking about them, and I learn things. Today I learned that Nintendo owns the Seattle Mariners. Probably should’ve known that! They are “easy” on Mondays and get harder all week. I can do Mondays, some Tuesdays, a little Wednesday and not much else. It helps me with “Jeopardy!” when I watch that with my parents.
You said you like your Kindle. What do you like to read? I used to read a lot of books. Now, I try to read a book a year, just to prove that I still can, but I don’t have the patience or time for it.
I will be home alone tonight…definitely from 5:30 to 7…maybe longer. Hubby is going out to dinner.  
Phil August 31 at 2:42pm
I get home around 6 or so. I read mystery kind of stuff. Probably read a book a week. I read on the bike, elliptical or treadmill and that’s an hour a day. Also read while riding the Metro. I don’t do crosswords or any of the other puzzles. I try to devote a few hours a day to some form of exercise. Just back from a 3 mile fast walk. Having dinner with a friend tomorrow and I was not sure where it was so I walked there and back. Now I know. Still have to do push ups and abs and maybe go lift some tonight. Hope to talk to you a little later!

I could not wait to get home from work.  Two minutes after I got in the door, I was at my desk, a bundle of energy, desperate to hear his voice.  I wanted a way to explain to him how I felt. Here’s what I posted to my Facebook wall  

Flashdance Manic music video

To pass the time, I spent a few minutes searching the web for tips on how to talk to a long distance lover on the phone.  Here’s what I gleaned from it: 

Speak slowly, softer, lower – think sultry
Good opening lines:
      I wish you were here
      I was thinking about that time we…
Set the scene so he can picture you – tell him where you are, what you’re wearing, what you’re doing…
It’s okay to say you are wearing a red lace teddy even if you have on sweats
Compliment him…specific things like “your strong shoulders”
If what he is saying turns you on, tell him
Ask what he’d like you to do …make suggestions
    Tell me where to put my hands.
Ask what he is doing
Listen to the words he uses..cock?  dick?  Penis?  And repeat them back to him…
Phrases to say when you can’t think of anything else
            “Tell me more….”
            “Oh!  That feels so good…”
Or don’t say anything at all…breathe…moan…

Not very helpful.  I took a lot of deep breaths.  Practiced my “sultry voice.”  

He called my mobile phone about 6:30 pm.  I was on my back on my bed, listening to him talk.  Such a beautiful voice!  He didn’t talk about sexy stuff… he seemed strangely nervous. I made him laugh and he relaxed a little.  He’s picked up a slight Southern accent.  Oh, what that did to me!  It didn’t matter what he said, I was writhing and twitching but afraid to let on.  We shared random stories from our lives, recipes, memories, asked questions, gave answers, getting used to each other in a new medium.  His voice wrapped around me like an electric blanket… an amazing combination of hot and comforting.  My husband got home about 7:00 pm.  I shut the door to our room, but knew we had to say farewell soon.  He said he’d find me later online and was gone.  I stayed there, running over every word, breathing heavily.  Wondering why we didn’t get to sexier subjects, but deciding it was a good start.  I fell asleep.  I woke up about 10:00 pm and dashed back to my computer.  

Sexy Voice  
Between You and Phil
Phil August 31 at 9:51pm
Was wonderful to hear your sexy voice again. I enjoyed talking to you. Can’t wait for more. Can’t wait to feel your mouth on my cock, your fingers caressing my balls, finger slipping into my ass. Going to be amazing. I want you so bad

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