Monday night fireworks

August 30, 2010
9:56pm  Me hullo?  Home now.
Ate. Moved. Read your amazing messages…
10:01pm Phil  cool, glad you enjoyed
10:03pm Phil  naked
been thinking about fucking you all day
seems I have been hard all day
get naked and slip a finger into that hot wet pussy
10:06pm Me    You are so cute when you’re horny.
10:07pm Phil  been horny all friggin day
10:08pm Me    Hee hee…good. I feel like I’m on fire…inside.
10:08pm Phil  good, like you hot and wet
10:10pm Me    I was trying to decide which is hotter…thinking about you and me in my bed as teenagers, or you and me now…both pretty hot.
I got an iced chai from Starbucks today and someone tapped me on the shoulder and I turned and for a split second I thought it was you…nearly fainted.
10:11pm Phil we did not know what we were doing back then. I think now is much hotter. We had better bodies then but no clue how to use them
that would have been cool
[he texted me a photo of himself with a huge grin and his cock in his hand]
10:12pm Phil sent you a picture of what I have been playing with
10:20pm Me I can see you with that impish smile
10:20pm Phil wearing that smile now
nothing else but the smile
10:23pm Phil would love to feel your hands gently fondling me, stroking, making me harder and harder
10:23pm Me Thanks for the lollipop
10:23pm Phil would love to feel you licking the lolipop
would you suck me?
10:24pm Me sure
10:24pm Phil ummmm
10:24pm Me good use for my tongue
10:24pm  Phil I’d love to feel your tongue
10:24pm Me flick
10:25pm Phil in my mouth, on my nipples, on my cock, on my balls
10:25pm Me in that spot on your neck…
at the base of your spine
at the back of your knee
10:25pm Phil oh yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh damn yes, yes, yes
10:26pm Me on your hip
10:26pm Phi I can almost feel it, breathing hard, moving around to give you access
10:27pm Me nipple definitely…lick it. tug it with my teeth.  tweak it
10:27pm Phil I like teeth. no one thinks guys’ nipples are sensitive, what they don’t know
10:30 pm Me so you are hard and hot and naked and a little tipsy?
10:37pm Phil I am hard, hot, horny and naked. Maybe a bit tipsy
10:42pm Me So if I was there…I could…
10:42pm Phil yes?
10:42pm Me fuck your brains out? so to speak?
10:43pm Phil oh yea, fuck me baby, ride my cock and make us both cum
10:43pm Me I was thinking about making a mark on your body…but that would be evil…
10:44pm Phil depends where you made it
10:44pm Me Hee!  Neck is definitely out, I suppose…no turtle necks this time of year!
10:44pm Phil  do you like a tongue in your pussy?
10:44pm Me Yes, please.
10:45pm Phil I want to taste you
10:45pm Me Though I might break your nose…bucking up…sorry…
10:45pm Phil I have a sturdy nose, good for rubbing your clit
10:46pm Me that might be interesting to explain to the E.R. doc…”I hit a door.”
10:46pm Phil for what? buck away! get my tongue right where you want it
10:46pm Me I told elephant jokes to a guy in the elevator at home tonight…
You have me so keyed up I am telling elephant jokes to strange men
10:47pm Phil cool, thinking about me on my knees?
10:47pm Me Yup…in the elevator. Tres risky
10:47pm Phil under your dress, eating your hot sweet pussy
risky is fun too
10:48pm Me oh, yes…my hands in your hair…
10:48pm Phil hands on your ass pulling you close so I can slip my tongue deep inside you
10:48pm Me your hands…ummph…
10:49pm Phil oh yes
10:49pm Me good imageyou may drown…I am so wet.
10:49pm Phil want you to cum on my tongue
i want it all, all those sweet hot juices
I love that you are so wet. 
can’t wait to hear your voice
10:50pm Me So there’s camp, and the bus…are there others?
Might be tomorrow.
10:51pm Phil downstairs at church, in front of the school, the old school
10:51pm Me At Church?  What was I thinking?!
10:52pm Phil yeah, downstairs
10:52pm Me what happened?
10:52pm Phil in the living room at the parsonage
10:52pm Me wait…wait…one at a time…jumping jehusafat…in a Sunday school room?
10:53pm Phil We kissed, i ran my hands over your tits. You would not do anything else down there. Deep hot kisses though
10:53pm Me in the basement…
10:53pm Phil in the basement
10:53pm Me How did I stop you? Why did I stop you?
10:54pm Phil I never pushed you. Knew you were uncomfortable and we went no further
10:54pm Me hunh
10:55pm Phil I sure wanted you. Still do
10:56pm Me Hallelujah
10:56pm Phil wanted you to touch me so bad. I put your hand on my dick once, you didn’t take the offer even though my fingers were buried inside of you
10:57pm Me I think at that point I thought only sluts touched men.  I had no clue…
10:58pm Phil that’s ok. I would never push. Never wanted you to do anything you were not ready for. Wanted you so bad
10:59p Me You were the first one…
I am sort of amazed I was able to do what we did…must have been that chemistry…
When you remembered over the years…did you keep going in your mind? Have me touch you, lick you etc.
11:01pm Phil I never forced it. You did not hesitate to let me touch you everywhere. You had no issues
11:01pm Me Did you know soon after that time that we’d had something special? Or only much later?
I remember wanting to make you happy…
11:02pm Phil I knew then. Was very intense. I always went further in my mind.
11:02pm Me Good
11:02pm Phil you always said you would make me very happy. I did not need that
11:03pm Me Did not need what?
11:05pm Phil Did not need you to be sexual to make me happy. was wonderful but I was happy to just be with you
11:05pm Me You are so sweet…I mean that…it is so rare.
11:08pm Me Did you tell Tommy you’d been talking to me?
11:09pm Phil yeah, he said to say hi if I talked to you again
11:09pm Me Heh. So you didn’t tell him much. Whatever you said is okay
11:10pm Phil no, very conservative, would have asked lots of questions. 
he is very judgemental
11:12pm Me interesting.  Glad you’re the one who found me!
11:13pm Phil yeah, I say that too. He was much more aggressive than I was as a boy. I had sex much later
Me too
11:13pm Me I was really worried that you’d be all “military” and uber-narrow conservative and judgemental
11:14pm Phil Not so much
11:14p Me  Huh…I don’t remember much but I don’t remember him coming at me very fast… perhaps because he was younger than me…hard to fathom.
11:15pm Phil I don’t know. Glad I did not turn out to be what you expected
Hope you are not dissapointed
11:15pm Me It is quite a pleasant surprise
11:16pm Phil Wanting to stick my tongue in your ass is not all that military.
11:16pm Me I dated another kid who went off to the military. In about 8 weeks they had stripped him of every ounce of his individuality and openess and turned him into a military robot…really frightening. Didn’t see him after that, thank goodness
11:17pm Phil Not me.
11:17pm Me I dunno…that could be military…take what I want, to hell with you…
11:17pm Phil I’m still me
11:17pm Me It is quite stunning…I do remember chasing you…until you caught me.
I had a way of “putting myself in your way” I think…
11:18pm Phil If i was demanding to fuck you in the ass maybe. I’m assuming you would get some enjoyment out of my tongue
11:18pm Me Oh, yes…I think so…
11:20pm Me I mentioned to my dad that I had heard from you…he was in rather bad shape Sunday, couldn’t get his breath, pale, confused.
11:20pm Phil Good. I have been told a finger slipped in your ass before you cum makes you cum like a fire hose. never experienced it but more than willing to try
11:20pm Me But when I said your name, he smiled and said, “He was an athlete.”
Were you?
11:21pm Phil I’m so sorry. I know how hard that is. My dad is very bad too. Not sure how much longer he will hold on.
Yes i was 
11:22pm Me Hee.  He remembers more than I do, even in his confused state. 
11:22pm Phil Loved sports. 
11:22pm Me I have done that…finger in the ass, rest touching balls, had quite an effect…
11:24pm Phil I know i am very sensitive. Just brushing a finger across my ass sends shivers. A finger inside me would be incredible
11:26pm Phil Looked at a lot of pics of you in the yearbook. Damn you were hot
11:27pm Phil you were good at everything. Smart girl.
11:32pm Phil you had perfect tits. like half mellons. amazing
no one missed those. you wore bell bottoms but they were tight in the rear and on your legs, yummy
11:34pm Me There you go again…I can’t believe what you remember.
It’s very gratifying. and scary.
So did you watch me after we broke up? Was I weird to you?
11:35pm Phil I remember the powder, I remember your pert nipples, man oh man. you were never weird
11:36pm Me Phew
11:37pm Phil you were cute, hot, fun, funny,
11:37pm Me You said you looked at wedding photos…whose?
11:38pm Phil looked at the 74 yearbook. your sister’s photos – good pictures of you.
11:39pm Me I tried to find my yearbooks…haven’t found them yet. You would think in a small condo I could not hide anything, but I have somehow…
I didn’t realize when i sent you that one photo that you would have access to all of them.
It’s fine, just surprised me that you would know how to do that, and then take the time to do it….
11:40pm Phil looked at every picture of you in there– thought that was ok.
11:40pm Me She and I are best pals…she always says “Notice there are no photos of me and Mom…just me and Sassy. S holding me at my baptism, me sleeping on S, me riding on her shoulders, S feeding me.”
Sure. Fine.
11:42pm Me Her wedding as an extravaganza. She spent nearly $30K… big sit down dinner…flowers…dress…wines…endless photos.
11:42pm Phil was gorgeous
11:42pm Me  I told her you found me.
She said, “Why would you talk to him? He made you so miserable!”
So I told her you apologized.  She said something like “That way, there be dragons.”
11:44pm Phil LOL
11:45pm Me What was I doing in the photo with you at the dance?
11:46pm Phil guess I never realized I made you miserable. Always regretted that. very bad decision on my part
11:47pm Me BTW, sorry to be asking all these questions when we could be…what’s the right phrase…making love?
Was I wrapped around you? Or just shaking my groove thing?
11:47pm Phil was a fast dance
11:47pm Me I loved those dances…let me express horizontal ideas vertically…
Heh…haven’t heard that phrase in ages…
11:48pm Phil always liked the picture though
11:48pm Me  The music was great…such a beat…I knew all the words…I could move freely…
And get really close
11:48pm Phil i like that
11:48pm Me what?
11:48pm Phil I have always been moved by music
11:49pm Me You moved well…would dance, unlike many boys
i wonder if you still walk the same…you had a very distinctive gait
11:50pm Phil I don’t know. I liked to dance. not sure how I walk
11:51pm Me I loved my long hair…the way it moved around me…
Yes…there’s never been any question that I had breasts…no hiding them.
11:51pm Phil  me too. your hair was so soft, always smelled great
no. I see you still got em
can’t wait to slide my cock between them
11:53pm Me it might disappear…there’s quite a space there!
I want you so badly…
11:54pm Phil will probably re-appear in the vicinity of your mouth
11:54pm Me I haven’t felt like this in so long…
11:54pm Phil I want to make you cum over and over
want to touch you every where
Want to bury my cock in that hot wet pussy
Want to feel your tongue on mine
Your hands on my cock, on my ass, all over my body
11:56pm Me Ok
That’s fine with me…
11:57pm Phil Want to lick and suck your clit, slide my tongue inside of you
glad to hear it
11:59pm Phil stroking my dick thinking about it. Dripping pre-cum all over
12:00am Me I will be
12:00am Phil thinking about your finger slipping into my ass. That’s hot as hell.
12:00am Me right there with you..
under you
beside you
over you
12:01am Phil pussy wet?
12:01am Me soaked
12:01am Phil aweswome, fingers inside
12:02am Me not enough.  this one handed typing is tricky…
12:02am Phil wish we could talk
much easier and hotter
12:02am Me you will whisper to me? tell me how it feels?
12:03am Phil oh yes
12:03am Me I am working on tomorrow…convincing hubby to go out…
12:04am Phil be so hot
12:04am Me He’s less than 12 feet from me right now…in the next room 
12:04am Phil hear you telling me what you want
12:04am Me I hope i can speak.
12:05am Phil i could talk, you listen
12:05am Me I don’t usually have any trouble…but you leave me speechless half the time with the things you say
I told him you sent me about 17 messages today.
12:05am Phil cool, i like it. needed to cum all day
12:06am Me He said, “Wow. What does he want?”
12:06am Phil what did he think of that?
12:06am Me I said I wasn’t sure. Said he probably wants to do things with me.
He said, “what would he like to do?”
I said, “What’re we allowed to do?” 
12:07am Phil I want to fuck you silly, eat your pussy and ass, cum on your tits and in your mouth. not much really
12:07am Me You@!
He said, “Whatever you want. As long as you tell me about it.” sigh
12:08am Phil any of the above?  wow
12:09am Me This was standing in the garage, waiting for the elevator.
12:09am Phil still want to do all of the above
12:09am Me I wonder what it really means…But likely pretty much as he said
12:10am Phil don’t know
I am not trying to whisk you away
12:11am Me I wonder if he thinks “If I let her do that, she will let me sleep with someone else”
Sure. He doesn’t seem worried about that…rightly so, I think
12:12am Phil could be, don’t know
12:12am Me It would be interesting if we can manage this without pissing off either of our spouses.
I assume your wife would not be happy
12:12am Phil My wife would be livid
12:13am Me Let’s try to avoid that.
Does she know I was your jump off point for years?
I am not going to tell her anything. 
12:14am Phil yes, good idea. Don’t want to cause problems. would solve the guilt part for you though
She has no idea I lusted after you
12:15am Me I won’t be telling her anything. But be careful not to leave any clues. She can’t get to your email or FB, right?
What would solve the guilt part?
12:16am Phil you were though, still are my fantasy girl 
no, all private 
if your husband was ok with it for whatever reason
12:17am Me  I don’t feel guilty. He has his chance…doesn’t take it.
12:17am Phil I delete everything
12:20am Me I think it’s funny that you found me after you went back to your wife…not sure if is ha-ha or strange…
12:20am Me But it feels separate from us…
Like we have our own little place to play in sometimes…
12:20am Phil yes it does
nice place
12:22am Phil it’s late babe. still have not gotten off and I need to get some sleep soon
12:22am Me Sure.  Hubby just sat down in the recliner next to my desk…Reading
12:23am Phil means no help from you
12:23am Me I should have been asleep 2 hours ago. But I don’t want to sleep. I want to lick you until you explode
12:24am Phil that’s been one of my fantasies
12:24am Phil being in your mouth, you sucking me until I explode
your fingers rubbing behind my balls
12:25am Me and then I’d mark you, right above your nipple…so you’d see it every time you shower or shave…just a small mark…
12:25am Phil ummmmm
12:25am Me but my mark.
12:26am Phil sounds hot
12:26am Me and then I would curl around you
12:26am Phil stroking faster now
12:26am Me and put my hands on your ass and wiggle around…sliding a bit 
12:27am Phil oh yea
12:27am Me …until you could feel how wet you make me…and then I’d slide very close to you.
But back away. And then I’d slide across you again…wet…
12:27am Phil i cant wait to feel how wet you are
12:27am Me hot
12:28am Phil tease me Sassy
12:28am Me I would make that sound in your ear…you know the one
12:28am Phil oh yes
12:28am Me so you would know how much I am burning inside
and I would get closer
and closer
12:29am Phil i want to be inside you, fuck me please
12:29am Me and I would press you into me…
further and further
12:29am Phil so wet and hot
12:29am Me deeper
12:29am Phil oh god yes
12:29am Me breathing in your ear
begging for you to fill me
12:30am Phil thrusting deep
12:30am Me deeper
12:30am Phil oh yes
12:30am Me I would have to bite my lip to keep from screaming
and then I would give up
and let it out
12:31am Phil oh yeah, scream for me
12:31am Me I would not be demure
You would know the difference between S online and S in person
12:32am Phil gonna shoot inside you
12:32am Me You would know a part of me
feel it
just for you
and I would find a spot with my fingers inside you…
12:32am Phil cumming babe
12:33am Me somewhere that would make you cum like Niagara Falls.
12:33am Phil oh man so hot
12:33am Me you’d go a little crazy…almost blacking out for a moment.
losing control…
letting it all out…fast…hard. deep
then remember where you are, who are with, how long you’ve waited
and it would be better than you imagined
all the colors in the room brighter
12:34am Phil cum on Sassy, cum baby cum
12:34am Me You would think you could not go on for one more second
but you would
and it would get even hotter
12:35am Phil wow
damn girl
Me then my innermost muscles would start to clench around you. and let go. Milking you of every last ounce of energy and liquid and breath
You feel as if you’re going to pass out
But you are not. You are going to experience every second of it
12:36am Phil already feel that way
12:36am Me Your heart feels like it will burst out of your chest…
12:36am Phil ready to jump on a plane
12:37am Me But it won’t…it will beat inside your chest and you’ll feel it in your dick and inside me…
And you’ll feel my heart beating…
12:37am Phil oh yes, it’s amazing like that
12:37am Me and wonder if you have ever been this close to anyone ever…or ever will be again…
only you can’t really think and the thoughts fall away
and you are FEELING…every nerve firing off like rockets…
Bang bang bang…
12:38am Phil amazing
12:39am Me and you lose track…you just do it by instinct 
12:39am Phil just got off like a rocket
needed that
12:40am Me Really?
12:41am Phil oh hell yeah, cum all the way to my chin
12:43am Phil thank you. Be even better to be doing it for real
12:43am Me Wow. I am so glad I can really do it for you. 
12:45am Phil would like to curl up with you now and go to sleep
12:45am Me You can
I will watch over you
Rest. Relax.
12:46am Phil was very hot.
12:46am Me Good night, sweet man.
12:47am Phil nite baby sleep well
12:49am Phil is offline.

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