Baseball rivals

We spent the day talking about mountains we’ve visited… then retirement planning!  Zzzzz…. but it was nice to talk about random topics with him.  In the evening we got down to the good stuff… BASEBALL!  
September 2 at 9:04pm
I’m chilling at home…drinking an iced chai latte…reading back over things you’ve said. Watching the baseball game… Sox are ahead! dreaming of you and me at a Red Sox vs. Yankees game in October, and doing wild things to you before and after.
Phil September 2 at 9:15pm
CooL!!!!!!!!!!! Yankees win of course. Sox won’t be playing in October.

September 2 at 9:20pm
You are a BRAT! Very cute, but still a brat.
Last series of the season is Yankees here… getting their ass kicked by the Sox, Oct.1,2,3. Besides, not who wins that matters…but who you get to lick right afterwards!
Phil September 2 at 9:35pm
Ass licking is much better than kicking. 🙂
September 2 at 10:09pm
You are so right. Just for that, I looked up blue silk bathrobes with big Yankees emblems on them…try to imagine me in one. or out of it…
Phil September 2 at 10:21pm
September 2 at 11:06pm
Going to bed…taking my phone. Just in case. If not, have a great night. xxoo

He called me on his drive home… once again, we chatted about food and music and life.  Nothing sexy… can’t quite figure it out, but I’m not bringing it up if he doesn’t.  It is wonderful to hear his voice, whatever he says.  

2 thoughts on “Baseball rivals

  1. I agree. I love a man’s voice. I love a dirty email but there is nothing like being together in person and hearing that voice.

  2. So true! That’s also something I miss in reading sexy blog posts… the voice. I keep wishing they were audio books! Hee! Probably be too tricky to hide their identity, but it would be wonderful to hear the man’s voice, especially our Aussie contingent. Can you convince Riff, Adam or BHP to read something and post it for us?

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