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Morning coffee 

Between Phil and You
Phil August 28 at 8:01am
Morning.  Just finished up my run. Now I need coffee. Have a great day. 
August 28 at 8:20am
Good morning…another beautiful day here.
So how do you take your coffee?
People around here are always comparing Dunkin Donuts coffee to the new Paul Newman coffee available at McDonald’s, or Starbucks. We have a “K-cup” machine at work…one of the innovations I brought in last year to “perk” people up when we lost half our staff due to budget cuts.
I don’t drink coffee. I don’t do hot beverages, except for tea when I’m sick. I did learn to order a iced chai tea latte at Starbucks when everyone else needs their coffee.
When I went off to college, the first week the wise, old sophomores were talking to us about how to get along in college. They said, “You will learn to drink coffee, stay up all the night, and stop listening to John Denver.” I proved them wrong on all fronts. Hee!
So you can have all the wine and all the coffee. 🙂
Phil August 28 at 9:00am
I take my coffee black. I like Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. I have a K cup at home and in the office. Love it. Also like John Denver. Many 20 hour days taught me to drink coffee. I’m not a soda person. Prefer water. Sipping a Dunkin cup now in fact. I liked the lobster sushi idea. Sounds like fun!

August 28 at 10:45am
Added bonus
I forgot to thank you for an unexpected bonus our reconnection produced. Thank you very much for reminding me of Classmates. This ended up being a great favor.
This is hard to explain…do you remember Clint? He was in my homeroom, had the locker next to mine, and was always a jerk to me. After graduation, he stalked me, sent me weird letters talking about violent things he wanted to do to me. Part of why it may have been tough for you to find me online. I was poking around Classmates after I read your note, and saw a profile for him, and froze. He hadn’t been there before or anywhere online. I was horrified, thinking that he had found a new way to bother me. Then I clicked and there was a note from his wife saying he died.  I hate to say it, but I was so relieved. I don’t have to look over my shoulder for him anymore! I feel bad for her, but this is a huge worry lifted from me.
So a huge thank you for your part in that. Sorry if that too weird…
August 28 at 11:11am
Yeah, I’m not a soda person either. I used to be a big diet Coke fan, but then I had my gall bladder removed…didn’t drink any soda for 10 days and it tasted weird after that.
So no alcohol, coffee or soda. I do drink a V-8 every morning, sometimes order a Virgin Bloody Mary at brunch, but mostly stick to water. What an odd thing to be talking about on a Saturday morning!
August 28 at 12:37pm
I’m off to the mall to get my eyes examined and buy new glasses. I broke the frame while having wild sex online with an old flame that has recently rekindled.  (Not really how they broke, but it sounds more exciting than “a screw fell out in the car, and the frames came apart.”)  Hope all went well today with your family.
August 28 at 4:16pm
Survived my eye exam. My eye doctor is the nicest guy in the world. He asked if I was spending a lot of time on the computer. I said yes, and he asked what for, so I told him “work all day and Facebook all night.” He giggled and I told him my first love had found me last week after 30+ years. He turned beet red. It was so cute. But then he got this cute smile and said, “Good for both of you?” And I said, “Oh yes.” He asked me a bunch of questions about Facebook… obviously not an online guy. I told him he should use it for his business. He was intrigued. Said he wants to learn to tweet. I haven’t messed with that yet.
Back from the mall momentarily…have to go back soon to get the new eyeglasses. They’re PURPLE! I decided my wire frames days are over. You inspired me to try something new.
I despise the mall…hadn’t been there since before Christmas. I am so NOT a shopper!
August 28 at 4:37pm
[He texted me another photo – sitting in an adirondack chair in the sunshine, in a t-shirt and plaid shorts, barefoot, drinking a beer and smiling]

You are going to drive me insane…you know that, right? Of course, as the golf people say, “That’s not a drive, that’s a short putt.”
The photo…You are torturing me! …and it’s wonderful. I was trying to figure out how I could take a photo of myself wearing new glasses and not much else. Just not in my nature somehow…you’ll have to use your imagination.
You send me a perfectly innocent photo, and I immediately start to think about how I could put my hand up those shorts so very easily…oh man, you have gorgeous legs! And that smile again. It makes me smile. And there is something about the arch of your foot…I give up. I am a lunatic!
I don’t think I can explain how odd this is for me…I can go months without noticing there are men around. And suddenly, I am looking at a photo and noticing all these spots on your body…especially where plaid meets plaid…and I just want to jump through the screen and roll you into that grass behind you…laughing, tickling, pressing against you until you blot out the sun above me and make it so I stop thinking…only feeling…damn.
Is there any cure for this?
Back to the mall. Then a Saturday night alone. Hubby is off to help strike a show and the cast party. *sigh* Wish you were here. Or where you could call me…but there will be other times. Patience…patience..
August 28 at 8:17pm
[I posted a photo on Facebook of me, with new glasses, outside on my balcony]
Posted a photo for you. No too saucy, but it’s a start. Hope it doesn’t make you run screaming…

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