Between Phil and You
August 27 at 7:46am
Good morning! It’s a beautiful summer morning here…just went out on my balcony to feel the sun on my face. I live in a high rise, so I can see out all over. Now I get to take a shower…

Phil August 27 at 8:34am
Good morning! No crystal ball here. No one knows what will happen. The flirtation is fun and harmless. Dinner will be fun. Any other decision will be made then I suspect. I know there is much to consider. I understand that. All those thoughts have run through my mind as well. Sparks, don’t know till we get there. It will be an enjoyable evening no matter what. What happens afterward, I don’t know. I am moving soon.  That will be an adventure.

I remember you dated my brother. Not weird for me. I’ll tell him I heard from you. I’m sure he remembers you fondly. He married a lovely woman, drives a truck and has a gorgeous place up on the mountain in the old home town. He is happy and doing well. Healthy, still very active. We all try to be. We are off to do wine tasting at some of the wineries today. Should be fun.

The Office

Between Phil and You
August 27 at 10:53am
Hiya! I’m back in my office today…trying to do as little as possible. Luckily, there isn’t much to do. 
I work in a big office with 4 desks, so no privacy at all. We have wall-to-ceiling windows on one side, so it’s bright and sunny today. The phone rings, people wander in and out…sort of Grand Central station! But I’ve learned to block it out and focus when I need to.
Today I can’t seem to focus on anything but…YOU! Your smile…your shoulders…your muscled arms…wondering about that first hug…and how you will smell…whether I will remember more then. That happens sometimes – I smell something and it opens up an rush of memory…like a particular kind of humid day it makes me think of London in July…or a certain food smell takes me back to a romantic dinner.
I woke up wondering what kind of car you drive. It doesn’t matter at all…just curious. I am not into cars…didn’t own one until 2003! Public transportation is so good here…didn’t need one very often. When I went to buy my first new car, they asked what I wanted and I said, “A blue one.” Heh. I ended up with a  mini-van. I need to tote lots of people and stuff around. And I like having a big car around me, feels safer. Though parking it in the city can be interesting. And the mileage is terrible.
I’m off to see another play tonight. I don’t get to see other shows very often, but two friends wrote a musical.  So it’s dinner in Boston, then the show. Lots of people I know there – in it and going to see it – including my sister.
Have fun at the wineries! Sounds like a perfect day for you. I can’t drink at all..wicked allergic…so that leaves more wine for you!

Dinner details

Between Phil and You

August 27 at 3:47pm
So what might you wear to dinner?
Would you wear a suit with a tie? or a t-shirt and jeans? …dress pants or sweats…button-down shirt or polo shirt?  I suppose a lot depends on what time of year it is…what you’re doing earlier that day and where we are meeting.  Trying to see you…feel the fabric against my skin when you hug me, feel the muscles of your back with my hands.  Where could I touch flesh while sitting at the table…and what I could help you take off later… buttons…zippers…Of course, just touching somewhere like the inner part of your wrist could be…stimulating. Maybe I will blow on it. Or lick it.
At some moments, I want to meet you at McD’s so it will take about 15 minutes to eat. Or Chinese take-out…chopsticks in bed. Other times, I picture a fancy place nearby where it always takes about 2.5 hours…heh. But they don’t have lobster.  I love trying to think of the perfect place. Though any place will be perfect if you are there.  Even if the food is awful, it may be the best dinner ever. 🙂
Phil August 27 at 4:21pm
I am very casual. Jeans or khakis with a nice shirt, maybe a jacket if the place is nicer. Seafood is my favorite but I like casual places with good food.

Phil August 27 at 6:00pm
Had a blast. Came back with 3 cases of wine. Good time. Allergic huh? Makes you the designated driver. The office sounds nice. No privacy anyway. Glad you are enjoying the photo of me! 
Phil August 27 at 10:31pm
Good nite. Good day. Hope you had a good one as well.
Phil August 27 at 10:49pm
A little tipsy and a lot tired. Thinking about dinner. All I really want to taste is your tongue. Better than any lobster.
August 27 at 11:14pm
Back from dinner and the play. All good, but spent much time musing on a certain dinner date…Philip a la mode.  Maybe I’ll eat lobster sushi off your tummy…

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