Downton Abbey Exhibit

July 23, 2019 Tuesday

1:32 PM Sassy
Downton Abbey Exhibition – downstairs

Floor mat at the entrance 
Mrs Hughes’ actual costume
Actual kitchen set with Mrs Patmore’s and Daisy’s costumes
Carson’s pantry with his costume and Mrs Hughes’ costume
Wine decanter
Rope pull bells
1:37 PM Sassy
Downton Abbey Exhibition – upstairs part 1 of 2
Actual costumes from TV show – the craftsmanship was incredible 
with vintage fabrics and construction to recreate the period pieces 
Lord Grantham’s hunt costume
My favorite item – beautiful blue shoes
Two piece suit worn by Isobel Crawley – see details below 
Day dress worn by Lady Grantham
Wedding dress worn by Lady Edith 
Lady Mary’s platinum and diamond tiara and tulle veil
Lady Mary’s Wedding dress
Lady Edith’s wedding dress 
Wedding dress worn by Mrs. Hughes 
and Mr. Carson’s wedding suit
Evening dress worn by Lady Mary 
Floral detail of the presentation gown worn by Lady Rose 
The presentation gown worn by Lady Rose 
Evening dress worn by Lady Mary 
Evening dress worn by Lady Mary 
Grenadier Guards Mess Dress Uniform worn by Lord Grantham

1:39 PM Sassy

Downton Abbey Exhibition – upstairs part 2 of 2

Dining Room table
Place setting and menu
Paintings with a media presentation on the far wall 
Explanations on the back wall 
Jewelry and accessories
Pants! Bodice and pantaloons worn by Lady Sybil
Dinner gong
Exhibit for each character – John Bates
Exhibit for each character – Anna
Lord and Lady Grantham 
George’s tunic
Mrs Patmore video montage
The Green Baise door between upstairs and downstairs
Mrs Hughes welcomes you to the exhibition
Costumes from the upcoming movie 
Costumes from upcoming movie – Princess Mary’s diamond fringe tiara
Ticket desk and entrance rope line with a mural of the cast
Gift shop
Map of Downton Abbey Estate
Cute gift shop item – notepad and imprinted pens or pencils.  
I bought a pen. 
Entrance poster
Exhibition entrance
Park Plaza Castle where the exhibit was held 

1:45 PM Sassy
I feel so lucky to have seen these sets and costumes from the show! The exhibit was crowded and crammed into the space, but I still managed to see everything. I was so impressed with the labeling and the media presentations and having places to sit in each room.  It was lovely to see the characters again and all the work that went into making this show so special.  

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