Happy Fourth!

July 4, 2019 Thursday
7:21 AM Sassy

7:31 AM Sassy
Here’s a sexier one for you.

8:36 AM Phil
Happy fourth!

8:37 AM Sassy

[photo of my smiling face, and upper chest in a printed nightshirt with a tiny bit of cleavage]

9:10 AM Phil
Hey there! Have a fabulous day!

9:11 AM Sassy
Thanks! Gonna eat oysters and think of you!
9:19 AM Sassy
Ha! If you use the word locked you know where my mind goes!!

9:20 AM Phil
Ha! So cute!

9:20 AM Sassy

I definitely want mine licked

9:27 AM Phil
Ha! That too made me laugh out loud!


1:09 PM Sassy
Holiday lunch with the family at CK Pearl in Essex

The Essex River from inside the restaurant
Oysters and shrimp cocktail
Clam chowder
Swordfish sandwich
Fish and chips
Warm buttered lobster roll
Specials board with particulars of the oysters and charcuterie 

1:46 PM Sassy

Dessert time at Down River Ice Cream! Salty C cone for me with salted caramel ice cream!
3:25 PM Sassy
Stopped by the pie stand in Essex – In addition to fruit pies and chicken pot pies, they have vegetables, fruit, honey, beans, eggs, cold drinks, flowers, small trees and jewelry!  And some animals (who are not for sale)

4:56 PM Phil

[photo of cars in a driveway in the pouring rain]

Raining pretty good!

5:51 PM Sassy
Wow! That’s quite something!

Hope you don’t need to be outside for anything

6:54 PM Phil
Sitting in the garage watching
6:56 PM Sassy
7:45 PM Sassy
Beautiful night in Boston

Boston Live Charles River webcam

8:04 PM Phil
Pretty town

[photo of the view from his balcony – lots of trees]

Green and pretty here

8:20 PM Sassy
I’m watching military men singing at The Pops concert on the Esplanade!

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