The juicier it gets

July 3, 2019 Wednesday 
6:04 AM Phil
Happy hump day!
7:24 AM Sassy
Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

9:47 AM Sassy
Ham & cheese croissant from Swissbakers after a fasting lab test!

11:35 AM Sassy
Went to the jeweler and they replaced my watch battery for $5!  
1:28 PM Sassy
From the Majesty Magazine Facebook page
Saturday 6th July 2019
Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor will be christened in a small private ceremony by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Private Chapel at Windsor Castle on Saturday 6th July.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex look forward to sharing some images taken on the day by photographer Chris Allerton.
The godparents, in keeping with their wishes, will remain private.
3:58 PM Sassy
Bogaerts is an All-Star! And J.D. Martinez too!

Lowe, Berrios, Bogaerts added to ASG roster

4:05 PM Phil
Let the holiday begin! Shrimp and farm picked corn tonight on the grill

4:06 PM Sassy
Yum! I’m angling for a lobster roll.

4:07 PM Phil
Smoked brisket tomorrow

4:07 PM Sassy
We’ll see…half the restaurants I looked up are closed all week!

Ooh…I might get some of that meat. We’re heading to Essex with the family for lunch on the river

4:08 PM Phil
Gonna try the bacon wrapped corn

4:09 PM Sassy
Oooh….that looked so tasty!

4:09 PM Phil

4:09 PM Sassy
Send a photo if it works?

4:09 PM Phil
And a little naked hot tubbing

I will. How hard can it be

4:10 PM Sassy
Definitely need a photo of that – better than bacon!

4:10 PM Phil
I’ll be stroking my bacon

4:10 PM Sassy
I’ll be thinking about nibbling on it

4:11 PM Phil
Mmmm, the more you nibble, the juicier it gets

4:16 PM Sassy

5:23 PM Sassy
Luscious lobster roll at Court House Seafood Restaurant in East Cambridge

Shrimp scampi over rice for Hubby
Stuffed clams
Lobster roll with French fries
6:44 PM Phil
[photo of his hand with a glass of Scotch and a cigar, sitting outside]
6:45 PM Sassy
Looks like a slice of heaven right there.
6:46 PM Phil

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