May 10, 2019 Friday

6:42 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid! Hope it’s a good day. 
 I’m headed to the office to do the payroll.
7:01 PM Phil
It’s been a great day! Hope yours has been too!
7:02 PM Sassy
Super deluxe!
AAA sends me a travel newsletter in email and today’s focused on beaches!

7:08 PM Phil
Great places!

7:10 PM Sassy
Watching Hubby set up the sound system for an event tomorrow

7:10 PM Phil
That sounds like fun. 

Off to drinks.
7:13 PM Sassy
We’re off to dinner somewhere

7:16 PM Phil
Did some work related meetings, had drinks with my buddy.
Tomorrow, it’s off on vacation! 

7:16 PM Sassy
When are you back?

7:19 PM Phil
The 22nd

8:41 PM Sassy
Tasty Asian fusion Chinese & Korean supper at Shine’s Fresh Asian in Belmont!

Thai iced tea with boba
Wonton soup
Pork gyoza
Shrimp spring rolls
Sweet and sour fish
Beef bulgogi

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