Sleep sweater

December 5, 2018 Wednesday

6:26 AM
Good morning! Made it to Wednesday!
7:24 PM Phil
Happy Wednesday! Hope your day was good. 
Nice to see politicians acting like adults today.

[photo of the fireplace on his balcony]

7:25 PM Sassy
You have the day off to mourn Bush?

7:27 PM Phil
No, I had to work but taped the funeral. I liked the president.

7:27 PM Sassy
Cold down there? We’re at 31. Brrrr….

7:27 PM Phil
GW did a great job today

About the same here, snowed a little

7:28 PM Sassy
I’ve been reading lots of folksy stories about GHWB. The folks in Maine adored him

7:28 PM Phil
My pal and I froze last night

7:28 PM Sassy
Doing what?

7:28 PM Phil
Secret Service telling good Bush stories too

Smoking cigars on the porch

7:29 PM Sassy
Ah. How’s your pal?

7:29 PM Phil
Good as always
We keep each other sane

7:30 PM Sassy

I took an anti-harassment online course today.

7:31 PM Phil
[photo of his pal eating a huge slice of pizza]
Great guy

7:31 PM Sassy
He’s looking sharp!

7:32 PM Phil
dude always looks sharp

7:32 PM Sassy
Do you have a nickname amongst the dudes?

7:33 PM Phil
Phil, just Phil
7:33 PM Sassy
The folks at work being nice to you?

7:34 PM Phil
Yeah, much different system but I’m learning.
Good people

7:35 PM Sassy
When will they let you do actual work?

7:36 PM Phil
After school. 
Gotta earn my credentials and I am earning them.
School is a booger


[graphic of the temperature – 30 degrees]

7:40 PM Sassy
Wow! You’re in for a cold spell…. we’re about 10 degrees colder all long. But at least no snow!
7:41 PM Phil
It’s gonna come though
Still early
7:43 PM Sassy
I pulled my favorites off Tumblr last night
Looking for somewhere new
7:44 PM Phil
Let me know when you find it
7:45 PM Sassy
Lots of folks are going to a place called swarmr
7:45 PM Phil
Not sure why sex is such a bad thing
Swarmr is committed to letting people post what they want

Yeah… it stumps me. I get nixing child porn but… geesh

I hope it kills Tumblr

There was a funny article today about the posts their algorithm thinks are adult content… like Garfield
or a bowl of fruit

7:47 PM Phil
Me too!
7:48 PM Sassy
I’ll find good stuff to send you. 

The way Tumblr worded it also was yucky. They didn’t go after the content, they went after people… “We don’t want you as part of our community.”

7:49 PM Phil
You can just send me pics of you. 
Those are my favorites

Ah well. Screw em

7:51 PM Sassy
Awww… you are so sweet!
7:51 PM Phil
Truth though, love you girl
7:52 PM Sassy
I adore you! And love you lots.
7:52 PM Phil

7:52 PM Sassy
Did you see the video of Senator Dole at the Rotunda yesterday saluting?

7:52 PM Phil
Loved it
Very touching. Rivals with great respect
7:53 PM Sassy
He reminded me so much of my dad
Going and doing the right thing, even when it was very difficult.
He looked so frail.
7:54 PM Phil
Yep! Nothing but respect. He’s 95
Loved watching GW slip Michelle a candy. Those two are cute
7:56 PM Sassy
My coworker is reading her book, says it’s excellent
7:57 PM Phil
I’m sure. I like her
8:05 PM Phil

[photo of his hot tub and his foot sticking out of the water]

8:05 PM Sassy

8:39 PM Sassy
My sassy sleep sweater

[photo of me in the bathroom in a black sweater and night shirt]

8:51 PM Phil
My sleep sweater

[photo of him in the bathroom naked]

8:51 PM Sassy
Ha! Gonna smooch those sexy shoulders!

8:51 PM Phil
8:56 PM Sassy
Let’s go to bed early and not sleep
8:58 PM Phil
I like the way you think

On to the bike I go. There are much more fun ways to exercise

9:00 PM Sassy
I bet you’d keep me warmer than the sweater
9:01 PM Phil
Yes ma’am
You know it

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