December 4, 2018 Tuesday

From: Mr Truck
To: Sassy
Sent: Dec 4, 2018 at 9:45 AM
Re: Tumblr ban

That’s so dumb, so bending to conservative values, rather than giving consumers/users what they want.

Worse yet, I was unable to see the links you sent, I guess I need to be a member. That wasn’t the case long ago when you sent me links. I really don’t want to join any more ‘clubs.’ But now it’s moot anyway 🙁

I’d still love to take stills and/or video of your body…

> On Monday, December 3, 2018, 9:19:26 PM EST, 

> Sassy wrote:
> FYI – Tumblr announced today they are banning p0rn. sigh
> -S

From: Mr Truck
To: Sassy
Sent: Dec 4, 2018 at 10:03 AM

Re: Audio Erotica

Answers below

On Sunday, December 2, 2018, 10:39:02 PM EST, Sassy wrote:

>>Wow! You moved? What made you do that?

A great deal on a house, small but nicer land and no taxes, we’ll save some taxes!

>> I do motor up that way now and then… or you could tell me when you around Boston? Would adore catching up!

Great let’s keep both options open. Loved our short but sweet parking lot rendezvous…

>>My local project is going strong, just finished a big event that did especially well!

Good to hear it, must be so fun for you

>>What are your hottest fantasies these days?

I too like the cfnm thing. So deliciously vulnerable for a clothed woman to tell me to strip in front of her, submit for her inspection & comments. I think cmnf would be fun too. Having you naked with me like for a full hour before we even touching, just erotic talk and lovingly close up examination. I also love cuckold fantasies, some incest stories too…

>>What’s the safest way for you to communicate?

Probably text and cell voice, selected times. I’ll have to explore google voice. I’m so out of step!


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