Smiling manatee and Legal Sea Foods

November 4, 2018 Sunday

9:55 AM Sassy
Have a super Sunday! And a smiling manatee.

10:01 AM Sassy
Good morning kid! Groceries are being delivered – the sun is shining – life is good!

6:10 PM Phil
Hope the day was good! Groceries delivered? I could never do that, Unless it’s canned or boxed stuff. I have to see the fruit and veggies and look for good fresh meat. I like to grocery shop though.

8:20 PM Sassy
Tasty seafood supper for our first time at Legal on the Mystic in Assembly Row

The warm rolls
Clam chowder that’s been served at every Presidential Inauguration 
except a recent poorly attended one
Popcorn shrimp with sriracha lime aoili
Shrimp fusilli
Kung Pao grilled shrimp with jasmine rice
The dining room 
8:39 PM Sassy
Stopped in at the Italian pastry shop for dessert and they’ve got their holiday pie list up! 

9:30 PM Sassy
Survived two project meetings! We have 19 events in the pipeline next year! Had dinner at Legal and thought of you…
I hate grocery shopping and toting all the stuff… and their shoppers can pick better stuff than I would!
9:32 PM Phil
Awwww. Love Legal.
My Mom taught me how and I enjoy it.
Sang the Lord’s Prayer at Church this morning. Fun to sing again. Also sang with the choir and am helping with the Cantata
9:35 PM Sassy
Oh how wonderful that you are singing!
9:38 PM Phil
Apparently, I still can. Surprised I can still hit those notes. It was fun and they have not had much of a men’s section and all of a sudden they had a pretty decent bass section. All they needed was someone to lead the way and it turns out they can sing. Had a blast.
9:46 PM Sassy
That sounds so fun!
I miss choir and doing solos.

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5 thoughts on “Smiling manatee and Legal Sea Foods”

  1. How was Legal? We almost went to the one close to Boston Common. Ended up at Sushi place that was very good. Went to Mikes because everyone had a box from there. It was good. Wasn't blown away but good. On the last post, Causeway is tiny inside so that is part of why it's so packed. Had stuffed lobster.

  2. Hiya luv! Sounds like you really did it up! Legal is good is you're looking for simple fresh seafood and someone else is paying. : ) Their chowder is THE BEST. Their baked stuffed lobster was $75 the last time I ordered it, which is about $30 more than anywhere else. They do provide excellent service but most of the time I'd pick somewhere else. I adore Mike's – their florentine cannoli and almond macaroon cookies are addictive. Glad you got some lobster!

  3. I could spend a week just in the North End eating at all those Italian places. Ended up Trattoria Panino? It was good, not great. The Olive oil was super good though. The best deal we had on lobster was a little place in Plymouth 2 years ago. Lobster dinner for $12 or $14? Cheap either way. We aren't far from the coast here so seafood, while different types, is pretty reasonable and available.

  4. Wow luv! I don't get over to that end of town often. My favorite is La Famiglia Giorgio's for big red sauce dishes. When I visited NC as a kid, my grandparents took us to Calabash! All this talk is making me hungry!

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