Two manatees and lobster

November 3, 2018 Saturday

7:14 AM Sassy

7:18 AM Sassy
Good morning! Another stormy Saturday. Going back to bed to play.  Join me?

8:25 AM Phil
Absolutely! Good morning. We had storms last night. Sunshine today!

8:22 PM Sassy
Don’t you love it when you do lots of research and pick a new restaurant to try and get there when you’re starving and… they don’t have power so they’re closed? Yeah… me neither! (Saugus this afternoon, high winds, no electricity! Grrrr)

8:55 PM Sassy
Impromptu delightful dinner at Lobsta Land in Gloucester (the power was out at our original choice in Saugus so we kept on driving north and consoled ourselves with seafood)
French onion soup
Coconut fried shrimp
Lobster chowder
Caesar salad with anchovies
Pepper-encrusted ahi tuna
Lazy man’s lobster
Butternut squash

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2 thoughts on “Two manatees and lobster”

  1. I wish I had asked before I went. We just made our second trip to Boston last weekend. We went to Gloucester and Salem on Friday. We ate at Causeway in Gloucester. Looks like your restaurant was better. Anyway, would love to talk about it if you want.

  2. Hiya luv! I've heard great things about Causeway but never been. There's always a long line. Kinda of a Yogi Berra situation, \”It's so crowded, no one goes there.\” Heh. There are so many tasty choices up there. Hope you saw beautiful ocean and foliage!

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