Nature’s lube

October 13, 2018 Saturday
6:24 AM Sassy
Mmm mmm mmm.

7:21 AM Sassy
Fun slideshow with details on the tiara, dress, flowers etc. from yesterday’s Royal Wedding

Fun slideshow with details on the tiara, dress, flowers etc. from yesterday’s Royal Wedding

8:01 AM Sassy
Good morning! 48 degrees…brr. had to put on my sleep sweater.
Thanks for the photos. They’re warming me up!
8:02 AM Phil
You did ask
good morning
8:03 AM Sassy
Wish you could slide into bed with me right now…I’d ask other things.
8:35 AM Phil
8:42 AM Sassy
The beautiful autumn wedding cake

Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Cake Is Almost Too Pretty to Eat: See How It Compares to Other Royals’

12:06 PM Phil
What would you like?
Standing at a beer festival with a stiff dick

12:08 PM Sassy
Well well well…I’m still in bed with a wet tunnel you could drive that dick into!
1:36 PM Phil
Ooh, I could use a wet tunnel!
Still got a hard cock thinking about a wet pussy
1:39 PM Sassy
Hope that’s not too inconvenient
1:41 PM Phil
Got a couple of winks ; )
I like that hot wet pussy.
Makes my cock jump just thinking about it
1:43 PM Sassy
you might have to lick it
1:43 PM Phil
You know I would
Course then you would have balls slapping your ass
I know you hate having a cock balls deep inside you
1:47 PM Sassy
Adore that sound and the feeling!
1:48 PM Phil
Slap slap slap with a delightful squishy sound
And the fabulous smell of wet pussy and cum
Stroke me, suck me, fuck me and repeat
1:52 PM Sassy
It’s a good afternoon for that…
46 and rainy and bleh…
1:53 PM Phil
It is indeed, show me your tits
I’ve got a raging hard on and I want to see tits
I’m a lifelong fan of your tits
If you didn’t know
You rock my boat, always have
1:56 PM Sassy

[photo of my breasts from the side looking under my nightshirt]

1:56 PM Phil
That’s spectacular!!!
Damn, beautiful
Want to lick and suck that beautiful nipple

1:58 PM Sassy
I’d like that
1:59 PM Phil
My cock is literally throbbing
2:01 PM Sassy
Wish I could lick that
2:02 PM Phil
Me too, love hitting the back of your throat, NOTHING hotter
2:11 PM Phil
Pussy, tits, ass are all wonderful but so much more special when you love the girl
And I have loved the girl forever
2:12 PM Sassy
45 years…
2:17 PM Phil
When you kiss the girl and it rocks your world and you remember it forever, it’s special
2:17 PM Sassy
from a campfire to Facebook messenger…
2:18 PM Phil
Yes ma’am to finally burying my face in your sweet pussy in Washington DC
Long way to get there but very worth it
Hope I wasn’t a disappointment
Just enjoyed being able to wine and dine you properly
2:22 PM Sassy
Those were the hottest 2 days of my life!
2:23 PM Phil
That just makes me smile.
Hope you expected me to tear your clothes off and ravage you.
Hot hot hot hot
I couldn’t get you naked fast enough
2:24 PM Sassy
I was shocked… expected you to pat me on the head and say let’s go eat
2:26 PM Phil
You weren’t expecting me to tear your pants off and bury my tongue inside you???
Silly girl!
I kind of did say let’s go eat, each other
Then I showed up in your room and got naked.
Then had a wonderfully romantic dinner
2:34 PM Phil
[Collage of two photos of his erect cock sticking out of his sweatpants]
I’m a little excited
2:34 PM Sassy
Wow! Yummy
I keep trying to lick the screen!
2:38 PM Phil
That’s all you girl
In case you thought I was kidding
2:41 PM Sassy
I know you’re not kidding but always awesome to see your tasty parts!
2:46 PM Phil
And yours! Makes my day any time you share
2:48 PM Sassy
2:49 PM Phil
VIDEO [22 seconds of him pulling on his erect cock outside]
Outside stroking for you baby
2:49 PM Sassy
And great guest appearance of doggo!
2:49 PM Phil
Looking at your tit the whole time
Should have bent you over the patio railing when I had the chance
2:53 PM Sassy
Fun to imagine
2:53 PM Phil
Fucked you hard and deep in broad day light
Nothing like doing it in public
Being felt up in a stairwell, groped in an airport
Bet you never saw your tits being sucked in a public stairwell
2:58 PM Sassy
We do have our moments!
2:59 PM Phil
We do! Fingers deep inside you 
In a school bus
3:02 PM Sassy
Oof… you are making me tingle down there!
3:06 PM Phil
I like you tingle down there.
I licked every little bit of you off my fingers too
You were so wet
And so tasty
Licked my fingers many times
I knew your pussy was sweet
Damn girl!
3:15 PM Phil
hope your pussy is wet from the dialog
3:16 PM Sassy
3:17 PM Phil
I like that
Play with it while it’s wet
Natures lube
4:12 PM Sassy
I feel lucky to still have that
4:20 PM Phil
Well enjoy it  : )

4:28 PM Phil
Happy that I wake up with a raging hard-on every morning and that my cock leaps to attention at the thought of your lady parts

4:29 PM Sassy
Yes… I run into many men who have the thoughts but their bodies are not up to it anymore
4:32 PM Phil
I’m good!
But I’m still a youngster
A horny young pup
4:34 PM Sassy
4:41 PM Phil
I do have to admit that after filling your mouth, pussy and covering your tits, I would need a break. A concession to age.
4:41 PM Sassy
I suppose.
4:42 PM Phil
We all get old
Sox play tonight!
4:57 PM Phil
Beautiful afternoon here
4:57 PM Sassy
The sky has finally cleared here but it’s still cold… only 52
Hope this time it will be different with the Astros
4:59 PM Phil
Astros are favored but you got a team this year!

[photo of a dog on a printed rug in the sunshine outside]

4:59 PM Sassy
The Sox do seem different this year

So sleek! Did your dog just have a bath?

5:00 PM Phil
I’d like to see Milwaukee win too

Nah, she always looks like that
[two more dog photos]

Mr laid back

Thinks he owns the bed

5:16 PM Sassy
Doesn’t he?
: )

5:35 PM Phil
Well actually….
[photo of his erect cock sticking out of his gym shorts]

Hanging out  ; )

5:36 PM Sassy
Wow… you are so fun today!
Did you cum earlier or have you just been edging all day?
5:36 PM Phil
Edging all day
Look at your nipple and get spun up again
5:46 PM Sassy
Amazing how a small patch of dark skin can have such an effect!
What’s for dinner?
5:47 PM Phil
Yes ma’am. 
Butternut squash soup
5:47 PM Sassy
9:27 PM Phil
[photo of his midsection lying in bed with his erect cock sticking straight up]

Looking at your boobs again

9:28 PM Sassy
9:29 PM Phil
Ha : )

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