Meet #26 Northerner – Good Fortunes

October 12, 2018 Friday

Good Fortunes

I got up at 5 am to watch the Royal Wedding of Eugenie and Jack. It was fun! I did some work, taking care of the payroll and various tasks that are easy to do from home. I finished at 11:30 am, hopped into the shower, dressed and scurried off to the suburbs. I made it to the restaurant with 6 minutes to spare! I sat in my car reading Facebook with my door open. At exactly 1:15 pm there was a cough and I turned to see The Northerner!

He was smiling! Always so good to see that! He had on a plaid button down shirt in bright colors and black silky slacks with black running shoes. We stood staring at each other. I wanted to grab him! But that’s not a good idea out in the open where someone might see us, so he pointed to the restaurant and we headed to the Chinese buffet.

It was quieter in there than I’ve ever seen it. We were seated in the middle section, close to the buffet. I filled my plate with appetizers – half an egg roll, crab rangoon, chicken fingers, veggie lo mein, shumai, peking ravioli and a couple of pieces of CA maki. It seemed especially tasty!

We had a lively discussion catching up on our work and life. I went back up to the buffet looking for shumai – no luck. I consoled myself with another crab rangoon, chicken finger and peking ravioli. Our waiter brought me shumai when they came out of the kitchen and he got to chatting with her, a lovely young woman from China!

We ended with the cocoa fortune cookies. I thought our fortunes were strange but once we had added the silly ending – ”…In bed” they got a lot better! He smiled sweetly and blushed a little.

His fortune said, “If you want it… take it.”

Mine read, “Today is a good day to join a new club.”

He paid our bill and I thanked him.  

I went to the bathroom and we went our separate ways.

We reunited down the road at the Hampton Inn. Our usual spot was booked, so we experimented with the hotel across the street. It is less posh but quite serviceable. I checked in and got the keycard for room 419 and two complimentary waters because I am a Hilton Honors member. I looked around the lobby then we piled into the elevator and went to the 4th floor. I groped his ass. Bad Sassy!

We went up the hall, then down the hall then realized there was an alcove on the other side of the elevator that had our room! I tapped the keycard on the reader, opened the door and strolled in. It looked very similar to the rooms across the street, except it had a queen-size bed instead of a king.

He stepped behind me and enfolded me in his arms, nibbling on my neck and massaging my breasts. He riffed on my fortune, “You wanna join my club today? It won’t be the mile-high club but maybe 4 floors up can be special?” I told him I joined a long time ago but I am always eager to come back… go back… be back. He sighed and turned me to face him for some kisses.

I enjoyed that for a few moments then moved to set down my purse, take off my eyeglasses and watch, and take off my shoes and socks. I had on black leggings and the black top with sprays of red, green and white that look like fireworks. He took off his shoes, socks and pants, unbuttoned his shirt and went to the bathroom to grab a small towel. Always so thoughtful!

I walked toward him and we ended up facing each other, kissing and hugging and glancing at each other in the full-length mirror! My knees began to tremble, so I guided him over to the bed. I sat on the edge. He took off my top and my bra and hugged me to his naked chest. I reached for his erect cock and stroked it, exposing the crown and rubbing it on my leggings.

He took off my leggings and underwear, and pressed me down on the bed. His weight was too much, so I rolled over and got him to lie beside me. He worshipped my right breast for a long time, then his hand trailed down between my legs. He is so good at flicking my clit until I am squirming and squeaking!

He was on his side and pulled my legs over his left hip.  He reached for the condom he’d left on the nightstand and rolled it onto his cock in record time, then wiggled until he was inside me. Mmm… He pumped in and out slowly, flicking my clit and driving me crazy! This went on and on and on… I could do it forever! He sped up and then collapsed next to me, dozing off. I watched him sleep and went back over the afternoon in my mind.

After a few minutes he started playing with my breast again. I spooned back against him and he nibbled my neck and played with my breast and continued resting. I started rubbing his arm and his leg, stroking his shoulder and talking to him. I mentioned that we had good fortunes today. He chuckled. I said, “What do you want? Take it… take me.” He raised an eyebrow at me. “You want to kiss me? Do it. Touch me? You can do it! Lick me… suck me… fuck me? You know what I am going to say.” “You always says yes,” he whispered. He trembled at the profanity and grinned. He kissed me fiercely and rolled me over onto my tummy and slid inside doggy style. He went wild and warned me, “I’m going to fill you up!” I told him, “DO IT!” and he did.

We collapsed next to each other. He dozed off again. I cuddled up to spoon with him again and drew the covers over us. I looked at the clock – it was almost time for him to go. I told him. He snuggled closer and whispered that he could stay a few more minutes. That he wished he could stay much longer. I rolled over to kiss him some more. Mmm… I thanked him for a wonderful afternoon of good food, good fortunes and awesome sex! He chuckled and said… “Yes… good fortunes.”

He went to shower. I used the toilet and poked his ass through the curtain. I dashed back to throw on my clothes and put my hair up so I’d be ready to walk out when he was. He gave me money for the room and left a tip for the cleaners. I checked around to be sure we had everything and left the keycard near the TV.

We took the elevator down together. He kissed me a couple more times and we were in the lobby too quickly. I found the warm cookies! I took a chocolate chip one and a napkin for a snack on my drive home. We walked outside. I thanked him and he headed off to the right and I went to the left.

I checked my phone, got it to give me directions. The highways were full, so it sent me off across the back roads. It took me over an hour! I smiled all the way, remembering our delicious lunch, our wonderful “dessert” and our good fortunes!


From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Oct 12, 2018 at 7:07 PM
Subject: Good fortunes

Hiya Brett!

Thank you for a wonderful lunch and dessert! So many smiles!

Hope you had an easier time getting home than I did! It took me over an hour (twice as long as it did to get there) and Google Maps sent me back roads because both 128 and 93 were a mess. I kept moving, saw parts of Burlington, Winchester and Woburn I have never seen and made it home just as it got dark. Whee!

Pizza is on the way and I am fighting to keep my eyes open. No Red Sox tonight, so I will snooze as soon as I’ve had some food. Yay!

Take care! Mwah!


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