Kiss you

January 26, 2018 Friday

7:21 AM Sassy
Happy Friday Phil!
11:58 AM Phil
Happy Friday Sass!
6:58 PM Sassy
Your dinner is beautiful!  Hope it tastes good too!

7:08 PM Phil
It was fabulous, now cigars and scotch
8:37 PM Phil
Great evening
8:40 PM Sassy
What made it special?

9:19 PM Phil
My pal here, tunes from long ago, spending time with a guy I love like a brother

9:20 PM Sassy
Cool!  Life treating him well?

9:39 PM Phil
Yeah, both of us

 [photo of him smoking a cigar sitting outside in a coat, hat and sweatshirt]

Lost some weight, losing chins and pant sizes
Both of us

9:46 PM Sassy
You look sexy to me no matter what you weigh
Wanna put my hands on your cheeks and kiss you!

11:52 PM Phil
Less cheeks is good. Mwah! XXoo

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