Back rub and front rub

January 25, 2018 Thursday

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Thu Jan 25, 2018 at 7:36 PM
Subject: Thursday thoughts

Hiya Brett! Hope you had an uneventful trip. I thought of you at the airport in the pouring rain on Tuesday and hoped it did not slow down your departure. Hope you are having warmer weather and getting to see new sights!

It’s been a roller coaster week. Not sure why, but I feel like sharing some tidbits. Hope you don’t mind.

Thursday Hubby bought a video camera – a GoPro – to record an event he was working on. Have you seen those? They are so tiny and powerful!

Friday the GoPro battery got stuck when he charged it, so he took it back. They didn’t have another one, so he had to go to Best Buy. Kinda nerve-wracking! We had a fun dinner at PF Chang’s at the mall which made me remember a lovely lunch on a September afternoon! That man was so charming and persuasive.

Saturday night we went to the project event. The people who were supposed to help begged off due to the flu, so I stepped in to help. It went well! We made money! We went out with the gang for Mexican food afterwards.

Sunday we had a tasty brunch with a pal from CT. Bacon! Then lots of napping!

Monday was… one of those days. The weather was gross, I woke up with the stomach flu and I had to go with Hubby to help him start the intensive psych program at a hospital. Whee! He is there for 5 hours a day. I drank a lot of water, slept and ran to the bathroom a lot until it was time to go get him mid-afternoon. We had soothing Chinese food and I slept more.

Tuesday I was so tired. I drove Hubby to the hospital again, did a bit of work at home, then slept. I started to feel better by evening, had a productive time doing bills and prepping for a project meeting.

Wednesday I made it back to work and survived two meetings with the boss. I came home early to nap, then went to dinner with Hubby and one of his lady friends. She is my favorite.

Today’s big news is that I do NOT need a root canal! I am so relieved!  The specialist was confused as to why the dentist and hygienist referred me to her.  Phew.

I wish I could see you tomorrow… need a back rub and front rub! 🙂



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