Take what you like

January 20, 2018 Saturday
10:32 AM Sassy
Good morning!  Have a super Saturday!

11:39 AM Phil
Happy Saturday!
2:19 PM Phil
Spectacular day!
Cigar, scotch, sunshine

[He posted a photo on Facebook of his hand with a glass and cigar, with his toes in the distance]

2:20 PM Sassy

2:28 PM Sassy
Mmmm…. toes!

[photo of me sitting on my bed naked from the waist up – lots of cleavage and nipples]

2:32 PM Phil
Well! That’s way better than toes! Mwah you sexy thing! All the blood rushes out of my head to my now throbbing cock

2:34 PM Sassy
It would fit right there in the middle.

2:36 PM Phil
Yes it would!
That pic is hot as hell

2:38 PM Sassy
I’m imagining you sliding back and forth

2:40 PM Phil 
Open your mouth babe, mmmm, now it’s lubricated
2:40 PM Sassy
You could press me back onto the bed, open my legs and lick me in the middle

2:42 PM Phil
Sweet hot wet pussy
Yes yes yes
2:43 PM Sassy
Help me squirm and shake

2:44 PM Phil
Cum on my tongue
Love that!
Licking and sucking your clit
Damn, I’m hard
May have to add a little cum to your pussy and then go back to licking
Love filling that wonderfully hot pussy.
2:52 PM Sassy
Adore you hard in the afternoon

2:52 PM Phil
Tongue, fingers, cock, all good
2:52 PM Sassy
Or any time, really!
2:54 PM Phil
Ooops, some cum ran down your ass and my tongue slipped up your ass trying to lick it up
2:54 PM Sassy
Oh my
2:54 PM Phil
Excuse me
2:54 PM Sassy
that causes a big tingle!

2:56 PM Phil
Love that tingle
I’m in the mood for hot wild sex
2:54 PM Sassy
Get in your car.  ; ) 

2:57 PM Phil
Hee hee
2:57 PM Sassy
You could be here in time to put me to bed…

2:58 PM Phil
I could! Like to be stroked, sucked and fucked
2:59 PM Sassy
I definitely volunteer!
I have this body I’d like to give to you

3:02 PM Phil
Mmmm, I’d like to use all of it
3:04 PM Sassy
I might need to have parts of your body for awhile
3:06 PM Phil
Take what you like
Wonder what it would be like to fuck with a butt plug in my ass
3:08 PM Sassy
Nerves firing on a higher level
3:08 PM Phil

3:08 PM Sassy
Reverb through that entire area?
Multiple stimulation upping the high?

3:08 PM Phil
Oh my
3:08 PM Sassy

3:09 PM Phil
I’d like that

3:09 PM Sassy
Thinking about it make your cock jump?

3:14 PM Phil

[photo of him from above looking down from his head to his toes with a very erect cock in the middle!]

3:15 PM Sassy
Wow… such a gorgeous smile!  And sexy shoulders.
I could press you up again that wall and ravage you right there!

3:17 PM Phil
[photo of him standing, showing his erect cock and balls from the right side]
Take what you like
3:18 PM Sassy
Gonna play with that!

3:18 PM Phil
3:18 PM Sassy
Touch it
Squeeze and pull!
Lick it
Up and down
3:18 PM Phil
Make it wetter, harder
3:18 PM Sassy
Put it way down my throat!
and SUCK

3:19 PM Phil
Suck it, shove a finger up my ass, use me
3:19 PM Sassy
3:20 PM Phil
Make my knees weak, make me explode
3:21 PM Sassy
That sounds so fun!
I adore watching you in the throes of pleasure
Knowing I helped
3:23 PM Phil
You know how to do it, where to touch, how to make me moan

Let me watch you use your toy and then use it on me, use your juices for lube and slip it in my ass
3:29 PM Sassy
Oh yes

3:30 PM Phil
Slip a little of you inside of me
3:33 PM Sassy
Gotta run… Hubby’s setting up for a project and needs more equipment from here.  Go on without me!  Sorry!

3:34 PM Phil

Perhaps an explosive ending

9:38 PM Sassy
Late supper at Rudy’s Cafe for some tasty Mexican treats! 

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