January 19, 2018 Friday

4:35 PM Sassy
Special happy hour at work – cupcakes from Sweet!

8:26 PM Sassy
Dim sum dinner at PF Chang’s at the CambridgeSide Galleria

Strawberry cucumber limeade – one of the best 
festive non-alcoholic drinks around!

Beefy hot & sour soup
 Pork egg rolls
Crispy crab rangoon with sweet chili sauce

Dynamite shrimp
Garlic green beans with pork

8:35 PM Sassy

8:52 PM Phil
Hey there!
8:59 AM Sassy
Is the govt going to shut down?

9:15 PM Phil
Have no idea. Waiting like everyone else
9:16 PM Sassy
You chilling at home?
10:18 PM Phil
Yeah. Pooped
10:19 PM Sassy
Sleep soon?

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