A rare combo

March 2, 2015 Monday

9:44am Phil
Glad to hear you made it home. Looks like dinner was awesome though!  We had an ice storm Sunday. That was interesting

It’s always amazing to eat there. I thought of you… what you’d make of the view, the menu.  Did you have to be out in the ice?

9:45am Phil
Nope, stayed home

They goofed up cooking Hubby’s steak, so they comped it! Saved us a bundle.

9:45am Phil
That’s always nice! Place looks gorgeous

It is that rare combo of a beautiful view, a great interior, friendly staff, creative cook, big menu, reasonable prices…

10:05am Phil
Sounds fabulous

It was so odd to see it all snowed in, the bay frozen over. Looked like Doctor Zhivago!

12:14pm Phil
Love that movie

It’s epic. And a good history lesson.  And there’s kissing.

Trying the spicy specials at PF Changs
 Dynamite shrimp
 Special spicy pork wontons
 Beefy hot and sour soup
Crab Rangoons with sweet chili sauce

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