So 20th Century

January 4, 2015 Sunday

I slept late… relishing my last morning without an alarm clock.  It was rainy but warm 50s!  
I tried to get motivated to do more around here but… eh.  I went to chat and there was a marvelous woman there!  We solved the problems of the universe.  Heh.  
I watched “Downton Abbey” on the TV!  It’s the only show that will make me turn on that box.  Heh.  It was a glorious start to Season 5.  I hate waiting a week to see another one! Seems so 20th Century! 
It’s tough to hold off the “going back to work blues” after 12 days, especially because I didn’t get a real vacation due to being sick, and I have to face the chaos of office renovations.  Ah well…

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4 thoughts on “So 20th Century”

  1. I was feeling exactly the same way. I don't wanna go to work. I wanna be on vacation forever and just lie around. Hmmm not really maybe, butI'm sure feeling that today.

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