Beef stew

January 3, 2015 Saturday

I got things done at home today – laundry, writing thank you notes, going through the Christmas cards to follow up or put away, going through a box of stuff from Mom’s.

I desperately wanted to get out, go to dinner, but it starting snowing about 5 pm and was supposed to
make a nasty switch through sleet to rain, so I opted to stay in.  It seemed mean to make someone deliver dinner, so I cooked.  Believe it or not!  I made beef stew over egg noodles.  I started with a big can of Dinty Moore, then added canned corn, mushrooms and garlic, with some frozen onions, and covered it in shake cheese.  Yum.  The perfect comfort food for a snowy evening. 
I went to chat and helped a fella write a first message to a nice AM lady.  Fingers crossed for him!
My old flame #2 from high school pinged me.  He pops in now and then when he is having a bad day.  He’s had bronchitis for a week, while driving back and forth from the midwest to upstate NY to visit family.  He’s another guy whose wife locked him out years ago, right after their youngest child was conceived, so he sleeps on the couch “because he snores” she says.  I will admit to coaching him on how to hit on the nice lady.  Heh.  (Bad Sassy) They got to second base right before Christmas!  Yay!

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