Holiday a cappella

December 23, 2014 Tuesday


Hiya kid! Headed out for my last day of work this year! Hope you have a fun Tuesday.

 What’s steaming? 

Mmm…lobster rolls… I’ve been craving lobster chowder and not getting it. Have to fix that over break!

Your reflections and resolutions sound very healthy. Not sure how to fix your heart… hope you get help from the right lady on that one. You know I’m here to help with them all! You deserve to have fun and be happy!



I have no clue. I thought I knew but I did not have a clue. Red was fun but she wanted it all right away and I went away sad and frustrated way too many times. Beach Gal still makes my heart ache and frankly, I’m not looking anymore. I need to live the life I chose. My wife is greedy, ungrateful, lazy and a lot of other things but aside from that, I guess not so bad. I’ll figure it out. I’m pretty happy all in all



I hear ya kid. I’ve been feeling really alone. It’s tough when Hubby goes off and has fun with his gf. Trying to see the lessons of the past year and do better. Trying to look on the bright side!



I don’t want that scenario. Maybe I need to be less critical and more accepting. I don’t know. Was listening to Cher’s “If I could turn back time” last night. Nice thought but given what I know now, I’m not sure I would. I like my job, enjoy my kids, enjoy a pretty decent life. 

Loneliness is tough. Sometimes I truly feel all alone, but I know better than that. So many others have real situations. My shit is minor. Learning lessons is always good. Trying not to make the same mistakes over again. 
I’ve learned about people through this process though. You buy a girl a granite dining table, a couch, big screen TV, dishes, silver, curtains, nice boots, $2000 towards rent and deposits, multiple dinners at nice places, that should count for something. I’m just trying to help her, she had absolutely nothing. I expected nothing in return other than not making me feel like shit. Dropping off a very nice bottle of holiday cheer and a pretty gold necklace that she wanted and the money tree will have dried up. 
We will both be fine, you and I. We are resilient, take a licking and keep ticking. It’ll be ok



I have tried going down various roads and now mostly deciding none of them are for me. I need a new road to try but don’t know what it is… new job? New way to find men? New way to deal with H? My Mom? Seems like everything is in flux. But we both have a secret weapon… someone who will listen, help us lay it out and look at it and offer ideas. I so appreciate you!



Life is not always easy. You need a confidant. 

The more I look at other women the better my wife looks. Beach Gal was a lot crazy and a handful. Fred also has some major league issues. My nephew is married to a doozy. My wife is lazy and entitled but at least some of that is my fault. I used to think it did not matter what you made. It did but I no longer feel that. Both girls came from a different world and neither would have made the adjustment to my career. It would have consumed either of them. Now maybe but they would not fit in with my friends and I don’t fit in with theirs and that simply does not work out. I don’t have an answer for you but I know there are better things out there for you.


Oxford University’s a cappella group “Out of the Blue” singing 
Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”


Just posted some a cappella for you… that fixes a lot. : )


Oh yeah


I clicked on that one and ended up spending about 20 minutes watching their others! So fun…

 What’re you up to this Tuesday night?



Stuck in traffic. Trying to drop off a gift.

 I can’t believe the price of gold ! Holy crap!


Oh yeah… I found a pile of gold coins in my Mom’s safe deposit box. The people I ask were like… SELL! NOW!

Traffic is awful here… there was a two-truck crash right near where the Pike splits off to 84 to NYC… backing everyone up in all directions. Hope you get clear of it soon!



It’s getting better



Here’s a little giggle – Steve Martin for 2.5 min with his Christmas wishes from SNL

Saturday Night Live Steve Martin’s A Holiday Wish

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