December 22, 2014 Monday


Using the gift card my boss gave me for Christmas at the Cheesecake Factory

 French country salad and cuban rolls
 Pasta carbonara

30th anniversary cheesecake 
with layers of fudge cake and chocolate truffle cream 


Hey girl. Back home sipping a scotch alone in the dark contemplating life, choices made and not made.

Had a great time in NY. I wanted to go steaming in the city after the game but no one wanted to go. Should have gone alone. You don’t stay across the river from Manhattan and don’t go. Boring bunch



Amazing lobster rolls at the game. 

Working on New Years resolutions

Get my weight below 220
Fix my heart
Be less work focused
Take a long ride on the bike
See more old friends
Focus on Me a little
See my family more
Seems easy enough

Trying to be happy again

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