Meeting Stew: The Lick Job

Tuesday October 21, 2014
Stew wrote to me a week ago – Sunday, October 12 – on Ashley Madison.  I stared at his message for a long time, arguing with myself about whether to answer or not.  I didn’t want to jump back into meeting new men, but it was clear that Kris was not going to be around much longer, and this fellow looks really good!  I waited until Tuesday last week to reply.  
We spent a week online and on the phone… flirting, exploring, fantasizing.  He seems perfect – funny, smart, tall, sweet, sexy.  I worry that he is new online, but he has had other affairs through work travel, so it could work.  He was very anxious to meet, so I took off work to meet him for coffee at Starbucks.   
As it happens, Kris said a “final goodbye” yesterday that feels final this time, and I could tell him I had a meet set up, so he won’t worry about me, and do this meet with a clear conscience.


Me: Good morning! On my way! Ready to be hugged? Traffic is beastly. May be a bit late – please wait! 9:50 AM
Stew: Yes experiencing same problems trying to meander my way there but can’t wait to cu so I will wait as long as it takes 9:53 AM
Stew: So r your panties getting wet thinking about all the wonderful things I will do to u and u will do to u today and in the future? : ) I am close, taking forever want to cu so much 10:05 AM
Stew: to lick a Sassy pussy, to be inside a Sassy Pussy – I am ready for 10:10 AM
Stew: I am very ready to be hugged and so much more – I want Sassy hugs, 10:10 AM
Stew: Sassy kisses, to suck on Sassy boobs, to receive a Sassy blow job, 10:10 AM
Stew: what do u want to experience today? I am a up for anything or will soon be after I cu if u get my meaning : ) 10:10 AM
Me: I made it. Want anything from Starbucks? 10:10 AM
Me: You’re gonna find out what hugs with groping means! 10:12 AM

10:13 AM
He called me!  Said he was stuck in traffic but hoped to see me very soon.  Aww….

Me: Got a table at Starbucks! Hurry! 10:30 AM
I went ahead to Starbucks.  He called!  I asked him if he wanted anything to drink.  He said he’d figure it out when he arrived.  So I got an iced chai latte and a table along the wall and waited, texting with a blogger friend, fretting that he might lose his nerve. 
10:25 am
He walked in and smiled and I melted. He’s gorgeous!  He had on a beautiful sky blue button-down dress shirt, and jeans.  Beautiful blue eyes, silver hair and mustache.  Very sexy body!  He reminds me of Steve Martin but a bit more handsome.  

Steve Martin
I had on my usual blue top and slacks with the silk scarf.  There were two chairs – one across the table, the other at a 90-degree angle on the left side.  He picked the right one – beside me!  He went to sit down but I stood and said wait, then hugged him great big and rubbed his ass once. He sighed and held me, then leaned back and gave me a lovely kiss and another, then wrenched himself away.  “I need a coffee,” he said and sauntered off.  
We sat and talked, telling stories about our lives and work.  I told him too much.  I held his hand but he was nervous, worried about who might see.  He talked about how torn he is, needing to have sex, to be selfish, but not wanting to bring any unhappiness to his family.  I posit my theory (that I learned from Riff Dawg) that if he makes himself happier, recharges, finds a respite, he will have more strength to return home and do what he needs to do.  He apologizes for checking his phone – he tells me about his heroin-addicted son at yet another crisis point today.  I know there is untold strength and myriad stories there.  
We talk about Buffy (he was a huge fan, made a point of being home from wherever his business travels took him, to watch with his daughter on Friday nights, whose 1st grade teacher complained about him letting her watch it!) and Marilyn Monroe and Firefly and Doctor Who (he’s never seen it) and Star Trek.  He talks about his days at a first class college.  He told me of his theater-going experiences – being miserable in the tiny seats at the Colonial Theater for Les Miserables, and being astonished at nudity 10 feet from his face in a local theater.  The woman’s breasts were different sizes!  I tell him most women are that way, and he may see another mismatched pair soon.  

I start to worry because I really, really like him.  That usually means I will never see him again.  I wonder why a gorgeous man like him would want me, then slap myself mentally to remember my assets.  I want to take him directly to my car but I suppress that urge.  We talk for an hour and then he asks if I’d like to get some lunch.  Yes!  
11:30 am 
We stroll over to PF Chang. As we walk, I tell him about a sexy blog article I read yesterday (Tom from “Three Spelling Mistakes” about what if men could suck themselves?) and he says that would definitely be what he’d do as it is his favorite feeling.  He smiles and shakes his head at the oddness of this conversation.  
We ended up at a corner table and slide together on the banquet.  I notice no one else looking our way, and lean over to kiss him!  He gets into it.  “You are THE BEST KISSER, ” he sighs.  I smile.  

The waiter interrupts us to take our drink order.  [Note to waitstaff – if a couple is kissing and the place isn’t crowded, come back later!)  I order a cucumber strawberry lemonade; he gets a seltzer with lime. I admit I can’t drink liquor but I like fun drinks. He tastes my drink.  He continues the oral sex discussion, wonders what the equivalent term is for a blow job for what a man does to a woman… a lick job?  We smile and agree that even the term blow job is not correct… you don’t blow.  I tell him I do… it makes a great opening salvo to feel the air, my breath circling around him.  He rolls his eyes then stares into mine.  Desire.  I see it, clear as a summer’s day.  
They have great lunch specials with soup or salad, rice and a small portion of an entree.  He got the salad; I got a hot & sour soup.  He got the salmon with asparagus; I try the fried shrimp and melon with walnuts.  He rubbed my leg under the table.  I rubbed his cock through his jeans!  He grins.  I wink.  Sassy is in full swing!  
He gets a serious look, asks me what I want… what I really want.  I look into his eyes and say that I want to look in his eyes.  And to know what his hands would feel like.  He asks where.  I say my chest, and my belly button.  He smiles.  He describes what he wants… to taste me, to drive me wild.  I say I am arguing with myself, that the demure business lady worries about being alone with him so soon, but Sassy wants to.  He asks if I will take him to my place.  Says to think about it.  I do.  It seems crazy, but a much better idea than fumbling in my car.  He is very persuasive.  I tell him about the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other – how the demure lady whispers about the risks, not going too fast, not being a total hussy, while Sassy shouts to get the chance to suck and be sucked! 
We share our church stories.  He tells me about losing his first son, who was born early with health problems. He met a minister in the NICU and called him when his son died to ask if they would host a funeral for non-members.  The church took them in, sent food that evening, and he attended for the next four years.  Then the minister changed and he couldn’t deal with the new one.  
I ask him about safe sex.  He says he believes in it.  He asks if I mean condoms and I say yes.  Wow… we are getting to the nitty gritty fast!  He says he is not prepared for today but we can do other things.  I ask if he has been tested.  He says no.  But he has not had sex in two years and was always safe.  He did not want to add more trouble to his home life by bringing home some disease.  He said he is willing to be tested. I tell him I was tested in April and only been with Kris.  (I forgot about The Lawyer.  Oops) 
12:30 pm 
We finish eating and I offer to help with the check.  He insists he’ll pay.  He does so with cash – good sign.  He says he has about an hour before he has to head home.  I decide it is best spent in my bed.  I text Hubby (who is out with his lady friend) to tell him not to come home for awhile.  He is usually out until about 2 pm but I don’t want to take any chances!  
So we walk very quickly down the length of the mall to the upper garage and hop into my Mom’s big old car that I’m driving while mine is in the shop.  I lean over and he kisses me, grabbing my left breast for a gentle squeeze.  I want to kiss forever, but I also want to be naked with him, so I break away and roll out of there zooming to my place! 
He apologizes for the short amount of time, says he usually has way more finesse but hopes we can get right down it.  He plans to focus on me!  I agree to that!  I park in my garage and we dash to the elevator.  We kiss in the elevator.  He is an excellent kisser… slow, sexy.  He presses me against the side wall.  Mmm… 
We dash into my condo, straight to my bedroom, kissing and shedding clothes as we go and hug… ah, skin!  
We roll together on the bed.  He kisses me… long, sexy kisses filled with tongues!  He plays with my chest, marvels at it, then moves lower.  He ends up at my hip, at a right angle with his mouth between my legs.  
He is a master at oral sex!  I feel like an instrument that he knows how to play.  He uses his mouth, his lips, his chin, his tongue!  Oh my!  I hold his head in my hands, then rub on his cock and balls until I lose my mind and can only lie there moaning and shaking.  I started thinking very naughty thoughts and… he made me cum!  On the first try!  Damn!  Tingling, pulsing, burning… holy shit!  
He starts in again soon, rubbing his cock up and down my slit but not going in.  I adore that!  Then he is alternating between my clit and my breast, fingering, sucking… tossing in all the tricks.  Very soon I soar again and soak his face!  He giggles… says he thought a woman gushing or squirting was a myth!  He made such an amazing image with my juices all over his face!  He leaned up to kiss me, was impressed I just went with it like normal.  
I suggest he put his knees on either side of my face so I can suck on him.  I lick and suck and play with his cock and balls with my hand.  He is on the small side and not hard, so it is easy to get him way down my throat… I play with him with my tongue inside my mouth and he moans and shakes.  It’s odd to suck someone who is not erect, but I keep at it and his cock starts to grow and he pops his hips toward me.  He groans and holds on to the bookshelf at the head of my bed as I smack and suck and lick around him.  It’s wonderful to be able to look up his chest, see his handsome face contort as he soars.  
Suddenly he makes a surprised noise and says, “If you keep that up I am going to cum!”  I clearly take him deeper and make a circle around him with my hand, and he shoots hot white cum down my throat.  I swallow and swallow and swallow.  Yummy!  
He keels over beside me and says, “That was a first!!” I raise an eyebrow to ask for an explanation.  He replies, “I didn’t get totally hard… probably nerves… but… I came anyway and it felt amazing!”  I smile and nod.  He kisses me, tentatively at first and then deeper.  Mmm… 
1:30 pm 
Time’s up… he has to go!  Argh!  He washes up with the door open. This is the only moment I think of Kris… who always closed and locked the door!  I throw on my clothes, still pulsing inside.  I drive him back to the mall to his car.  He kisses me tenderly on the lips.  I tell him I’d like more…soon.  He says, “So do I.  Very soon.”  
1:45 pm
He got out of the car and disappears into the mall.  I drove home in a bit of a daze.  Please please please let him want to see me again!

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