Groping good

October 22, 2014 Wednesday
Good morning!   Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

8:29am Philip

Morning!  You too!

Hiya handsome!  Quit working!  Get home!  
There’s great baseball on and a buxom lonely gal on the internet!

9:43pm Philip

I’m pooped girl. Back to back 17 hour days

Awww… bummer!

I skipped work Monday to get dumped by Kris.  And skipped work yesterday to see the new AM guy. And skipped today just… because.

If I were there, I’d rub your feet and help you relax.

Hugs with groping kid.

10:03pm Philip

Ha! Thanks

10:35pm Philip

Stopped for a brew at my favorite Pub.

Groping would be good

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