Stew can’t wait

October 20, 2014 Monday

Stew: Good morning! I am so excited we r going to meet – it is going to be a very long day today – Tuesday seems so far away 7:05 AM
Stew: I can’t wait to cu but it will b very difficult for me to control myself when I am with you because I will so much want to see the “girls” in their full glory! thinking of those beautiful bodacious boobies in your white and black bras – they need to be set free so I handle suck on them and play with your nipples with my tongue 7:43 AM
Me: Good morning Mr. Frisky! I feel like “Annie” singing “Tomorrow, tomorrow!” 8:15 AM
Stew: Yes it will be a long day today but so excited that we r taking the next step in our journey together. So Annie what do u want to do with your “Daddy Warbucks” when u do finally get me alone sometime in the future 8:18 AM
Me: Savor the anticipation…luxuriate in the fantasies! I want to fill my senses with you… look into your eyes, take in your scent, listen to your ecstasy, touch you in unusual places and taste your lips! Then give you a Sassy blow job! 8:27 AM
Stew: Oh my I hope that happens real soon because I am rock hard just thinking about it 8:37 AM
Stew: And I so much want to return the favor and drive you crazy with my tongue and have u squirt your beautiful funky love juices all over my face as you climax like u have never climaxed before  8:39 AM
Stew: What r some of your favorite positions – I would love to have u sit on me so that I could watch your beautiful, bodacious and bountiful boobs bounce up and down as u move up and down my shaft 8:59 AM
Stew: I keep thinking about a Sassy Blow job – I picture us both naked u facing me with ruby red nails and lipstick – your fingers look so sexy with the red nail polish wrapped around my engorged cock u take me I. Your mouth your red lips swallowing me whole and your head moves up and down my shaft as u do that your beautiful bodacious breasts swing back and forth. U speed up taking all of me in your mouth your boobs furiously swinging back and forth and then I explode shooting warm cum into your mouth as I have the most incredible orgasm in my life and u eagerly suck up every last drop of my spunk – I am literally completely drained 11:00 AM
Me: Ah, the fun we’ll have! Hope you decide I’m someone you want. The nerves are hitting me. 1:38 PM
Stew: Can u talk now I am driving alone for about an hour and would love to talk with u 1:48 PM
Me: Can’t right now but might in a few minutes. I’ll call if I can. 1:49 PM
Stew: Hope u can no worries if u can’t 1:51 PM
2:15 PM
I called to tell him I’ve decided to take tomorrow off and meet him.  We talked for 20 minutes,  ironing out the details.  He is making it easy, coming into town to get together at an easy place for me to get to
Stew: So excited about tomorrow can’t wait to cu want to hug -and not like an old friend – like the lovers we will be and want to kiss u and so much more but realize will have to start with the hugs and kisses But very soon I will want to be sucking Sassy boobs, licking Sassy Pussy, getting Sassy blow jobs . . . Speaking of Sassy Boobies 3:46 PM
Stew: love those cleavage shots any chance u can send me a photo of the girls in all their glory?  : ) 3:46 PM
Me: Just checked – Starbucks opens at 6 am… so no problem meeting there at 10 am if that works for you. It’s on the far end on the first floor. Whee! 4:12 PM
Stew: I will be there at 10 can’t wait 4:13 PM
Stew: I am so excited about tomorrow – I can’t wait to cu – I want to hug u kiss u and so much more but I guess that will cum later : )  7:44 PM
Me: I’m thinking about it too… doing laundry so I will have my favorite black underwear to put on! 7:50 PM
Stew: I wish I was in your large bed with u right now I want to explore every inch of your body with my fingers and tongue to find all of your erogenous zones and apply my best technique to them so I can bring u great pleasure 8:18 PM
Stew: BTW love black panties and bra but even better like taking them off of you : )  8:18 PM
Me: Ooooh! That sounds so fantastic! Soon… yes… please… 8:19 PM
Stew: If things go well over coffee as I know they will I will not object to u taking me home to allow me to do just that and to show u just how much u have inspired me. I want to show u just how much I mean it when I say all I want is to meet your every need and desire and to please you 8:24 PM
Me: Nice to know you’d be ready and flexible! Probably can’t tomorrow… but if we hit it off we should talk about getting together again soon! 8:27 PM
Stew: Just letting u know my feelings have not changed since u were getting nervous as u said I am content with just meeting u and hugging and kissing 8:28 PM
Me: It is lovely to be wanted. I am trying hard to hope, to fantasize, to savor but not get too far ahead of myself… It is refreshing to see your glee! 8:34 PM
Stew: I will be happy to go at your pace – I want u to be comfortable and fulfilled so I will not push 8:49 PM
Me: Ah… don’t filter. Let it pour… I like knowing what’s going on in that head of yours… both of them! 8:57 PM
Stew: Well I want u to take one of my heads into your Sassy lips with Ruby red lipstick and suck on it until I spew my warm cum into your mouth – how Is that for unfiltered : )  9:01 PM
Me: Fabulous! 🙂 9:03 PM
Me: I am thinking of a back rub. Sometimes it is the simple things I miss most… 9:31 PM
Stew: Well then take me back to your place and will give u a back rub u will not forget  : ) 9:43 PM
Stew: I of course would prefer to “rub” your front – but am happy to start with your back 9:50 PM
Me: Less than 12 hours now… 10:38 PM
Stew: Yes so excited can hardly wait 10:42 PM
Me: What will you have on? 10:44 PM
Me: Are you a boxers or briefs man? 10:45 PM
Stew: I will text u in the morning so u know 10:45 PM
Me: Not a lay it out the night before guy, huh? 10:46 PM
Me: I plan to wear blue… with a silk scarf. Long gray hair. Boobs! 10:48 PM
Stew: U have seen the picture of me – short gray hair with a mustache – no boobs – wish there was a way I could get to play with those boobs tomorrow 10:53 PM
Me: We’ll see… there may be a way! 10:55 PM
Stew: There is always hope : ) 11:03 PM
Stew: As for clothes I’ll figure it out in the morning but there will be tight boxers like what were in the photo I sent 11:05 PM
Me: Ooh… I liked those! 11:07 PM
Stew: Well maybe we can arrange a viewing tomorrow : )  11:08 PM

Me: Coffee… lunch… making a scene in the garage… mmmm 11:09 PM

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