Meet #38 Breakfast and Goodbye

Monday, October 20, 2014
I skipped work today to have breakfast with Kris.  He said he wanted to talk.  Uh oh.  

Kris and I had agreed to leave by 8:45 am, as my Mom’s car was parked on the street in a space that stopped being free at 9 am.  I got up about 8 am and he was still asleep on the couch.  I got dressed and went out to move the car.  I put 45 minutes worth of quarters and returned home.  He was up and showering.  We got back to the car with 3 minutes to spare!  
I was in an odd space that has curb in front of it and managed to hit it in a way that made my right front tire go a little flat.  I drove up to the gas station, and Kris put air in all the tires!  Thank goodness he noticed it and knew what to do.  
We went to the S&S Deli for breakfast.  I had all the beverages (Water, OJ, Bloody Mary mix, hot chocolate) then a Danish Omelette with ham, onions and cheese, an English muffin and a side of bacon!  I also ordered a coffee cake slice and milk, just to keep us there awhile longer.  
Kris told me he needs to stop seeing me or being in contact.  He wants to be honest with his new women, and not be hiding me.  I said I understood.  I asked if I could check in now and then to see how he is doing – he said no.  That part makes me sad, but I understand.  Sort of.  It will bug me not to know how things turn out.  *sigh  
I felt fine.  Not like the last time.  It felt weird not to be upset!  It helped a lot to know there is another man on the horizon… I have a meet scheduled for tomorrow!  I told Kris.  He looked surprised.  I hope it will help him not to worry about me.
He came back to my place to check his work email.  I gave him his coffee cup and instant coffee.  That made me sad but I was glad to have it gone if he is going.  I gave him some jelly beans.  I sat at my computer waiting for him to leave.  
He hung out too long.  Ugh.  There was nothing more to say or do.  He finally packed up his computer, gave me a tight hug and a quick kiss on the lips.  He left at 2:30 pm.
It felt final. 

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