Meet #38 Ten Ladies

October 19, 2014 Sunday

The universe is playing with me again.  I was scrolling through Facebook this morning and someone posted an article from The Atlantic on the benefits of coffee drinking.  Kris is a big coffee drinker!  
I had not heard from Kris all week, including no response to my offer to stay overnight on Tuesday while Hubby was away.  But I could not resist sending the article and a cheery greeting to him.  

Me: Good morning! Saw this article about the benefits of drinking coffee and had to send it to my favorite coffee drinker! Hope you had a good week.  7:46 AM

No answer.  Okay.  That is a message in and of itself! 
So I went on about my day, realizing that he is likely busy with one of his “Good Christian Women” and does not need me anymore.  
Just after 4 pm, I got a response!  
Kris: would u want to meet me someplace for dessert at 9:00…or is that too late? 4:08 PM
Me: Sounds great! Have a place in mind? 4:28 PM
Kris: no…you could pick.  but right now I’m way up in Maine on my way back home…so hoping can make it by 9:00… can update in a bit. 4:33 PM
Me: Isn’t this too much after riding all day? We can do it some other time if you’re worn out. 4:49 PM
Kris: no…I’m fine…not tired.  unless too late for u 4:52 PM
Me: Sounds great! May take tomorrow off anyway. Let’s meet at the 24 hr Dunkin Donuts?  5:35 PM
Kris: can we go someplace to with a little more privacy? have some sensitive/personal things want to talk about.  making good time…hope to be there by 9:00 6:21 PM

[He wants to talk.  Uh oh.  Is this the end?]
Me: Sure.  6:41 PM
Kris: pick one with most privacy and send me address…thanks 6:43 PM
Kris: how bout finale?  since open later. u taking tomorrow off? 6:45 PM
Me: Great! Finale  6:46 PM
Kris: got it!  u taking tomorrow off? 6:47 PM
Me: If it’s not private enough, we can snarf a dessert then go sit in my Mom’s big old car. I have it while my car is being repaired. 6:47 PM
Me: Not sure. Waiting on some info. Why? 6:48 PM
Kris: didn’t want to keep u up if u have to work…but you’ll be home early enough I guess 6:51 PM
Kris: eta 10. but still want to meet…won’t be later…maybe earlier…but 10 for sure…ok if I sleep on couch? 8:39 PM
Me: Sure. Ping me when you’re close and I’ll head out. 8:40 PM
Me: May need to change plans if you’re later.  Can decide later based on your timing. 8:46 PM
Kris: got stopped for speeding…cop took forever to write ticket!!!  eta now 11…want to still visit 9:36 PM
Kris: you working tomorrow?! 9:37 PM
Me: Oh no! So sorry to hear about the ticket.  9:41 PM
Kris: so meet at finale? but it will be closed…so then what? 9:43 PM
Me: Walk around the corner to somewhere else 9:44 PM
Kris: k 9:46 PM
Kris: eta 11:15 SHARP (ASSUMING I CAN STAY OUT OF TROUBLE FOR 2 F’ing MINUTES!!!!!!!) 10:50 PM
Me: You want to just come here and sleep, talk over breakfast? 10:51 PM
Me: Hello? 11:17 PM
Kris: sure…talk over breakfast…u still home? 11:18 PM
Me: Yes 11:19 PM
Me: I’ll go move mom’s car and be down to let you in 11:19 PM
Kris: k. I’ll come there. can I park in garage? 11:20 PM
Kris: k 11:21 PM
Me: Yes. I’ll let you in 11:21 PM
Kris: see u soon 11:21 PM

At first we were going to meet at 9 pm at Finale.  They’re open until 11 pm. Then it got too late, so we switched to Uno’s that’s open until 12:30 pm. Then he got stopped for speeding!  Which pushed his arrival back to 11:15 pm.  At that point, I asked if he would just come to my place, get some sleep and take me out in the morning to talk. 
He appeared about 11:30 pm.  I met him in the garage.  He stayed 3 feet away from me.  I gave him a long hug in the elevator.  He camped out on my couch.  I fed him soup and SmartFood popcorn. We talked lightly for a couple of hours with him sitting on my couch and me at my computer at my desk.

He told me about the NINE women he is meeting or talking with online.  

1) Little old lady who lived in a shoe (she’s done)
2) Very Catholic one (done today)
3) The cheater 
4) The colleague
Not met
5) Pro musician
6) Religious Switcher
7) Two places Lady
8) Cape Lady
9) North shore Lady
How does he manage all that?!  I make the TENTH one.  Heh.  I hear about this a lot in chat… how people go nuts sewing wild oats when they first are free from a long-term marriage.  I knew we wouldn’t survive long once he finally realized his marriage was done, but I didn’t think it would be this fast, and because he was being swarmed by other women.  I hope one of them takes care of him.  It looks like it’s going to be the cheater.  There is some poetic justice in that I suppose.

I finally went to bed at 1:30 am, tucking him in on the sofa but not touching him.  

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