Planning to meet Stew

October 19, 2014  Sunday
From: Sassy
To: Stew
Subject: The Bass 
Sent: Sun, Oct 19, 2014 5:30 PM 
Hiya handsome!  How’s your day going?  
Want to get out our calendars and meet soon? 
Have you heard “It’s All About the Bass?” Found the Jimmy Fallon version… so catchy even on schoolroom instruments!  
Jimmy Fallon, Meghan Trainor & The Roots 
Sing “All About That Bass” (w/ Classroom Instruments)
Me: I’d be happy to see you. Wanna get out your calendar and find a time? 1:41 PM
Stew: [slew of emoji – party horns, thumbs up, smilies, hearts] 1:59 PM
Stew: [more hearts and smilies] 1:59 PM
Stew: Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but what prompted this – I am happy as hell but just curious. I am pretty flexible – meeting during the week day between 10 and 1 is easiest for me to pull off but I can figure something out – let me know where when and for how long u would like to meet 2:08 PM
Stew: The anticipation is killing me – I so want to cu – I feel like I am going to explode yet I don’t even know where or when I just know I want to be with u sooooooo bad 2:27 PM
Stew: Now this is like super torture – a note and then no more communication – the silence is killing me. But I assume ur busy and I will just try and be patient but it is very difficult because I want to be with u. I miss hearing from u and I am very hopeful about what our future will bring so I want to start our adventure 5:45 PM
Me: Hiya! Sorry for the delay! I was at a social thing. I’m looking at vegan restaurants – could work tomorrow for lunch? Do you have a favorite out my way? Veggie Galaxy? Red Lentil? Deluxe Town Diner? Theory – meet at 10 am… talk a bit in my car or yours, then eat if we want? 6:11 PM
Stew: Oh I would love to to meet u tomorrow but I have a dentist and doctors appointments during the day – could do it any other day next week and a Vegan is not important as I still eat meat just try to avoid it 6:23 PM
Stew: So while those places sound great pick your favorite place and please please please tell me we can do it another day this week – I want to cu so much 6:24 PM
Me: You want to try for later in the day Monday? Or same plan Tuesday morning? Let me think about a restaurant. Can’t take you to my faves as they know me. 7:43 PM
Stew: Same plan Tuesday would work better for me. I am so excited I can’t wit to cu 8:38 PM
Me: Great! I’ll figure out the restaurant thing and get back to you. This will be fun! 8:39 PM
From: Stew
To: Sassy
Subject: Re: The Bass
Sent: Sun, Oct 19, 2014 11:10 PM
Yes I love that song. I am so glad you texted me!
I am just seeing this now – I have been running around today and didn’t check email until now.

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