Stew’s shower scenario

October 18. 2014 Saturday
Stew: Good morning Sassy – ur deep in my psyche I think about u all the time and yearn to b with u – know that will b sometime in the future but hopefully we can at least talk today 7:41 AM
Me: Good morning to you! Wanna shower with me? Wash my back? Play with my front? 8:20 AM
Stew: Ur killing me : ) how can u be saying these things to me and not want to c me : )  now I have yet another raging hard on and no way to do anything about it 🙁 yes I would love that – on the road I often had big walk in showers in my room with multiple heads and a bench to sit on – I would live to be there now with u to rub soap and water all over your body and explore every erogenous spot u had – definitely 8:25 AM
Me: Here’s a morning grope for you. Off to Mom’s! I’ll ping when I get back!  8:55 AM

Stew: I love oatmeal – can’t wait to share some with u : ) 10:02 AM
Me: Mom put down a deposit and will move in less than 3 weeks! Whee! Big relief! 11:36 AM
Me: Do you cook? 11:36 AM
Me: I make really good reservations! 11:37 AM
Stew: I enjoy cooking I make really great Thai food – spicy coconut curries – I am not a strict vegan but I try to eat non animal based foods as much as possible 11:43 AM
Stew: So how is your day going have been thinking about u all day – keep trying to think of ways to convey my normalness so that you would want to c me : )  3:27 PM
Me: Been thinking of you. If I handed you my panties, you’d be able to tell! 3:43 PM
Stew: Well that sounds like a good thing – hope it is – I have no desire to move in with my kids when I am old and need help – I would rather be in assisted living or nursing home 3:44 PM
Me: This place is so elegant! Everything brand new, thought out… 3:45 PM
Me: Did you end up coming into the regatta? 3:46 PM
Stew: I can’t wait to smell and taste your sweet juices – i live that u say u may be a bit of a squirter – I am hoping u will want to get together soon – this interchange is a lot of fun but I want to cu live and in living color : )  3:46 PM
Stew: No could not work out the cars – we have 3 cars for 4 people and my kids had to work and Saturday is my wife’s day to hang with her girlfriends and shop – I am alone now if u can talk 3:48 PM
Stew: Now u have me fixated on your panties and what they r covering – u really know how to get my engines revved 4:08 PM
Me: Driving home – can talk a little now or wait til I get home in 25 min? Call now if you like or I’ll ping when I get in. 4:19 PM
Stew: Unfortunately my daughter has come home so we will have to wait for another time 4:30 PM
Stew: I will try and get out to take the dogs for a walk in 25 minutes 4:31 PM
Stew: I am out walking the dogs call as soon as u can 5:07 PM
5:08 PM
I called him, talked for almost half an hour while he walked his dogs.  He tells great dog stories!  I think that is a sign of a good man. 
Me: What a marvelous menagerie! 7:22 PM
Stew: Yes they r good doggers and fun to have around – I like cats but love dogs because they r always so happy to cu 7:50 PM

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