Fallen leaves

October 18, 2014 Saturday
Hiya kid!  Big news!  Mom put a deposit on an assisted living apt!  Mixed feelings but mostly great!  Hope your Saturday is going well.

12:50pm Philip
Trying to get my Mom to do that as well! Doing wineries today. Always a fun day


We were surprised.  Sis had all these reasons ready to convince her. Started and she said, “It’s time. When can I move?”

12:54pm Philip

That’s awesome.

My mind boggles at all we have to do.  Mom goes Nov 1!

12:59pm Philip

I hear that but it will be worth it!


Yes…feels like rough seas ahead but moving toward a safer harbor.

1:27pm Philip

Ah, the rough seas are fun!


Help me navigate please!

1:34pm Philip
Just follow the buoys and enjoy the ride. Mom will be fine and you guys too. Been down this channel with my mother-in-law and getting ready to go again with my mom.

Late lunch with Mom at The Ninety-Nine.  She is in a lot of pain but excited to be moving.

Leaves on Mom’s car… they called to me to preserve them for posterity.  

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