Aced another check-up

October 16, 2014 Thursday

Last of the 3rd year check ups with radiation oncologist – all good! Have some pretty photos from MGH!

 Boson’s Beacon Hill on a gray day.
 The spectacular orchids in the Healing Garden of the MGH Yawkey Building
 The Healing Garden
 The Healing Garden with the city in the foggy background
Nothing like my very own Red Line Train! 

Hiya kid!  How’s your Thursday going?

I had a crazy day!

First – I dropped off my car at the auto body place to be fixed at 8 am – they said 10 days!  Argh.  I got a ride to the T in Harvard Square.  

Second – took the Red Line to MGH.  Saw the doctor. All good.  

Third – took the Red Line to Davis.  Lunch with Sis.  She made me a sandwich! 

Fourth – picked up Mom’s car – it’s started!  Went to an assisted living place, heard their talk, saw the rooms for Mom – beautiful!  

Fifth – Took Mom’s car to be inspected (it expired in JANUARY!) gassed it up, brought it here to use while my car is in the shop, cleared it out.  Trying again to sell it.  

Finally – Made a bunch of calls I can only make during business hours… 

OMG my brain hurts!  Have a great night!

5:31pm Philip

Ha! Love those days!

5:44pm Philip
Got a nice little call from Beach Gal today. She just called to say hi. Nice. 
My team vs Pats tonight!


Yay for Beach Gal.  Any big news?
Hope it’s a good game… maybe be kinda wet… it’s pouring here.

6:47pm Philip

Just that she’s feeling laid back. Said she heard the song I won’t give up on us and thought of me and called.

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