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October 15, 2014 Wednesday

From: Sassy
To: Stew
re: Connection
Sent: Wed, Oct 15, 2014 8:21 AM
Good morning!  Hope your Wednesday is off to a grand start.  I am dashing to work – very busy day running a big reception, but it should quiet down after that and I will have more time to answer.  Think of me and smile!  Hugs with groping and some naughty suggestions whispered in your ear.  -Sassy
From: Stew
To: Sassy
Re: A connection
Sent: Wed, Oct 15, 2014 9:10 AM
Good Morning to you as well.  I know I said I would give you time to answer but I can’t help myself – I am like a little boy trying to wait for Christmas morning to come.  So here is a description of how one of our dates might go.  This would be several dates in after we have established some trust and there is a strong underlying friendship between us.  I would be more demure on our first initial meetings.
As I said this is a ways into our affair and we have had some love making sessions where we have gotten to know each others turn ons and we are meeting for what to me seems like it would be a “regular” date.  Hope you like it – let me know what you think?
We meet at your favorite restaurant.  You are already seated and have a glass of wine in front of you and a devilish grin on your face.  I immediately notice that you are wearing a loose blouse and skirt and you clearly are not wearing a bra.  You catch me checking out your boobs under your blouse and you lean forward and ask me if I like what I see.  As you do this your blouse gaps open and I can see your beautiful breasts in their full glory and see that your nipples are rock hard.  It is all I can do to stop myself from grabbing them and placing my mouth on them.  Suddenly it seems very warm in the restaurant and my pants become very binding as my cock springs to life.  You bend towards my ear and place your hand on my rapidly growing cock and whisper in my ear that you have on no underwear at all. This makes me lose complete control and I start to stammer as the waitress smiles at us and said she will give us some more time.
At this point I can think of nothing other than that I want to take you right here and now in the restaurant and I have no idea how I am going to make it through dinner.  You are really enjoying yourself teasing me by rubbing my swollen cock under the table and flashing me your luscious boobs.  I can’t enjoy my food and I can barely carry on a conversation because clearly all of my blood is now in my cock.  All I can think of is that ur sitting right next to me in the restaurant and that there is just your very thin and loose blouse and skirt between me and true heaven.  
Finally i can’t take it any more and I slide my chair close to yours and slide my hand under the table and up your skirt.  As my fingers trace up your inner thighs you willingly spread your legs eager for my fingers to find their mark.  You scoot your butt down on the chair trying to thrust yourself on my fingers you want me so much.  As my fingers find your outer lips I can feel that you are soaking wet and my fingers trace along your labia as you bite your tongue barely able to suppress a moan.  My fingers are now moving in and around your labia and your pelvis is rhythmically thrusting against my fingers. I trace my fingers gently and slowly across your clit and you let out a noticeable moan of pleasure and desire and grip the table hard with your hands.  I look around to see if anyone have noticed what is going on under the table and I see that the staff and patrons are mercifully unaware of just how turned on we both are.  So I increase the speed and pressure of my fingers tracing your labia and clit and you quickly cum – your whole body shudders and you let out a muffled groan that seems to emanate from deep in your body.  You look me in the eyes and said that we need to leave as soon as possible or you were going to mount me right there in the restaurant.  So I motion to the waitress that we need the check. I see that my fingers are soaked and they are infused with your sweet funky love juices.  I can’t wait to get you alone where I can taste those juices and bring you to one climax after another with my tongue.
Hope you enjoyed this and that it makes you as wet as it has made my cock hard writing it .  If you like this I can tell you what happens once we get alone later that evening.  Also, if you like this you will need to tell me how you want me to refer to your “lady parts” – vagina, labia, clitoris are too clinical for me, but I will use whatever terms turns you on and makes you warm and moist. 
Can’t wait to read your response to this and my other emails.  Obviously I have followed your instruction and have been thinking of you with a big smile on my face as well as reactions other part of me have had in thinking about you.
So hugs with groping, some naughty suggestions and some wonderful playing with our hands and fingers.
From: Stew
To: Sassy
Re: A connection
Sent: Wed, Oct 15, 2014 7:24 PM 
Hope you had a good day – have been thinking of you – look forward to hearing from you and your reaction to all of my emails.
From: Sassy
To: Stew
Subject: Answers
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 7:51 PM
Hiya Studmuffin, 
How’s your evening going?  Was this a busy day for you?  
You are so impatient!  It’s rather thrilling to be sought after.  I survived running the reception at work… have put my feet up, taken ibuprofen, and eaten Japanese food!  Now it’s time for some fun!  I am scrolling back through your messages to answer and comment and tantalize you.  I’m a little brain dead, but hope this was worth waiting for!  
Phew… so relieved that you aren’t a Yankees fan!  I tend to trip over them, even if they haven’t lived in NY for almost 40 years!  So strange to have no Sox or Yankees in the play-off… no one to root for or against!  I’ve jumped on the Royals bandwagon for the duration.
I wish there was a quiz or something that would tell me if we’d be compatible.  It’s so tough to know if the chemistry will be there!  But everything you have written so far makes me think it’s worth exploring.  Thank you for the fantasy most especially… I find that an amazing way to get to know a man.  If you won’t think me too much of a hussy, perhaps I will share some erotica I’ve written or some of my favorite videos (aka porn.) 🙂 
Thank you for asking about terminology!  It’s a sad joke that I don’t have a term I like for my lady parts!  The medical terms definitely don’t do it… I’ve gotten used to the words pussy and clit, and will even toss off the intense cunt when the time is right, but can not recommend it for you!  So use whatever strikes your mood and if anything really weirds me out, I will say.  I tend to stick with vague niceties like “inside me” or hoo-haa!  Do you prefer cock?  Dick?  Willy?  Johnson?  I use cock unless instructed otherwise.  
What do I do to relax?  I like trying new restaurants.  I’m always searching for “cheap, fast and good” places, though it’s rare to find all three in one restaurant.  I like a wide variety – Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, and lots of seafood.  Lobster is my favorite, with shrimp second.  If I were to take you out for your birthday, what would you order?  
Let me think about the perfect first meet… much depends on info I don’t about you yet.  I usually want a public place first, for a coffee or a drink, with the option for more (lunch, dinner), and if that works, a little kissing.  
We can figure out logistics later, but I am very flexible.  In theory I work 9-5 weekdays, but I have “doctors appointments” and lots of vacation time, and I can do whatever I like evenings and weekends.  Do you have a theory?  
I haven’t seen “Scent of a Woman.”  That quote makes me think you are a rather deep guy… with a big sexy streak!  
Your restaurant fantasy was so intense and sexy!  I had two reactions… the first from my demure side thinking I could never be that risqué in public.  My sassy side fights with her a lot!  Sassy thought you might inspire me to let that side out more!  It definitely had me tingling sitting at my desk at work.  Yum…. 
Is that everything?  Hope you will ask more… it’s so interesting to see what you want to know, and to think about answers. I’ll go now to dig up some of my writing, and perhaps a photo to titillate you! 
From: Stew
To: Sassy
Re: Answers
Sent: Wed, Oct 15, 2014 8:02 PM 
Thanks for such a thorough response.  Yes ur correct I am very impatient.  I feel like a little boy waiting for Christmas and it is December 30th – day after my birthday and 360 days before Christmas.  In other words way too far in the future.  Tried setting up Yahoo – let me know if u got something from Hopin4passion60.  If yes we can chat by IM if u like.

Yahoo IM chat

•  8:01 PM hopin4passion60: Tried IM let me know if you get this
•  8:12 PM Sassy: Hiya!
•  8:12 PM Sassy: I am touched! You set up YIM for me?
•  8:13 PM hopin4passion60: I aim to please
•  8:14 PM hopin4passion60: I would love it if u shared your erotica with me – and no I would not consider u a hussy – I want to know what turns you on
•  8:15 PM hopin4passion60: I would love to meet for coffee or a drink with potential for lunch or dinner and kissing – just let me know when you feel comfortable doing that
•  8:18 PM hopin4passion60: Ru looking for one special guy?  I am looking for one special lady and I hope it’s you.  I want one lady I can have fun with – good food, good wine, good conversation, laughing, and having a good time, followed by deep passionate lovemaking with the best kisser ever.  🙂  I can be flexible as well.  I work out of my house and my wife works during the day so Day time works best but I can make evenings work 
•  8:19 PM hopin4passion60: Glad u liked the Scent of Woman quote – I love everything about women but especially their pussies – the smell the taste the feel – it is a passport to heaven
•  8:20 PM hopin4passion60: I am glad u liked my fantasy – maybe we can experience that some day once we are truly relaxed and comfortable with each other
•  8:22 PM hopin4passion60: As for my man parts any term is fine – if you prefer cock then that works for me.  How about love muffin for your lady parts : ) and the little man in the boat for clit  : ) : )
From: Sassy
To: Stew
Subject: The View
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 8:18 PM
Just as I was finishing my last meeting of the day yesterday, 
gathering my papers off the marble table in the conference 
room on the 36th floor, the sound of sirens wafted up from 
the expressway below.  Everyone else had left the room, so 
I took a minute to lean over the marble counter and stare 
down at the roadway.  There was a horrible wreck of mangled 
metal and shattered glass, several cars and a tractor trailer 
twisted together.  The traffic was stopped behind the mess, 
and the cars on the other side barely moved, rubbernecking.
Suddenly, I heard the door close. I straightened up, but before I
could turn, I felt your arm around my waist, and felt the heat of you
on my back through my dress.  You were already hard, pressed
tightly against my ass.  I started to speak, but you put a finger
on my lips and teased a corner.  I licked your thumb, and you moved
your hand down to unbutton my dress.  Just enough to slip
your hand inside and tease a hard nipple.  I moaned and let my head
fall back against your shoulder.  You bit my neck and ran your
tongue across my skin.
You slipped your hand under my skirt and inside my underwear,
teasing my most sensitive spot.  You pressed a finger inside,
unsurprised at the moisture gathered there.  I was startled
as you lowered my underwear.  I felt like my knees would
buckle, but you tightened your grip and spread my legs to
balance me against the counter.  I panicked when I heard
the rasping sound of your zipper, but before I could form the
words in my mind to stop you, I felt you hot and hard against
my skin, and a low moan was all that escaped my lips.  You
shoved it inside me, and your breathing grew ragged as you
watched yourself slide in and out.  You kneaded the flesh of
my hips as you moved, then reached around me to rub the top
of my slit in time with your strokes.  I was trying to be
quiet, but could not hold in all the gasps of pleasure as
you thrust deeper and deeper inside me, your balls slapping
against me.  You felt the trembling start inside me, and
the clenching around you.  You felt the pulsing, the searing
heat and suddenly lost control, pounding me into the wood
and stone, spurting up inside me over and over.
The only sound was our uneven breathing and the whirring
air conditioning.  You pressed your cheek to my back and
whispered, “What a view…”
From: Stew
To: Sassy
Re: The View
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 8:28 PM
WOW  – I definitely want to cum visit u in your office some day.  I am now rock hard and very frustrated that ur so far away! I will have to write u a more thorough response when I am more calm and collected.  
On a much more mundane topic I sent u lots of IMs to answer the questions you raised

From: Sassy
To: Stew
Subject: The black
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 8:38 PM

Here’s my famous cleavage.  😀
I fought hard to keep these so I get to show them off, right? 

From: Stew
To: Sassy

Re: The black
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 8:43 PM
Oh my – I so want to explore them with my mouth, lips and tongue.  Ur driving me crazy – I find this picture so sexy – it just makes me yearn all the more to meet you.  As I said I love busty curvy women and your cleavage and boobs are fantastic.
I am going to have to take matters into my own hands (if u know what I mean 🙂 until such time that I can see and touch them for real

From: Stew
To: Sassy
Re: The View
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 9:23 PM
Your description of that wonderful time in the office – u certainly must be a great office manager 🙂 inspired me.  Let me know what you think.
Here is what happened after we got to our hotel room after we left the restaurant.  Your were very frustrated that u were unable to play with me in the restaurant and felt it was very one sided with me having all of the fun.  But I was not done with you. I was determined to get you so worked up that you would be begging me to let you cum.
We got to the hotel room and drank some wine and relaxed.  You kept trying to get into my pants to unleash my cock so that you could have your way with it, but I would have none of it.  We kissed for a while with each of our tongues vigorously exploring the inside of the other’s mouth.  Finally I asked you to come over to the bed and we helped each other to take our clothes off.  Then I laid you down on the bed and pulled out a silk scarf at each end of the headboard, which I used to tie your hands down.
(Editor’s note:  I know you said that you did not like restraints and I would never do this unless u were totally and completely comfortable with this)
I did not want you restrained but I wanted to make sure that your hands could not get to me because I was going to take my time in exploring every inch of your body with mouth, tongue and fingers.  I wanted you to be totally frustrated that you could not return the favor and touch me.  Then I took out another silk scarf, which I use to cover your eyes because I want you to focus on your other senses, the feel of my fingers, mouth and tongue on your body and the sound of our lustful moans.
You are now at my mercy and I get on the bed on top of you and very briefly trace my rock hard cock across your lips and you eagerly lift your head trying vainly to take my cock into your mouth, but I shift my position so that now my lips are on yours and we slowly kiss with our tongues playing with each other.
I move away from your lips and start my tongue traveling down your front exploring every inch of your ample, luscious boobs.  My mouth takes in your breasts and I gently suck on them as my tongue plays with your nipple.  I keep switching back and forth between your lovely breasts.  You are amazed at how good my lip and tongue feels and you can feel a deep heat welling up in your loins.  It has never felt this good to have your breasts sucked and played with before.  My tongue was driving you crazy.  You pleaded with me to untie you so that u could get your hands on me.  But I was just getting started.  You were getting more and more turned on when much to your amazement you climaxed.  This had never happened before.  You were amazed at how turned on I had made you.
You again pleaded to untie you so that you could get your hands on me.  Instead I shifted again and brought my cock to your lips and you eagerly took it inside your mouth and moved up and down my shaft.  I was so hard and you wanted me to shoot my white-hot cum deep down your throat.  But just as I was moaning with pleasure and tensing my body so that you thought I was going to cum I pulled out.  At this point you were totally frustrated when I shifted once again to place my head between your legs.  I traced my tongue along the inside of your thighs every once in awhile my tongue would gently flick the outside of your love muffin’s (how does that work 4u?) lips.  You can’t believe how crazy my tongue is making you.  You desperately want the relief of a climax, on the other hand you never wanted this feeling to end – it felt so good.  You had never felt so turned on before.   My tongue was moving in and around your love muffin’s lips – I was changing the speed tempo and force of my tongue.  You wondered why I had not yet explored your clit when all of sudden your pussy exploded as my tongue landed on your clit.  You literally gushed a flood of love juices as your whole body exploded in orgasmic joy – every atom of your body was on fire.  The bed, your thighs and pussy and my face were drenched with your love juices.  I raised my head and brought my mouth on your mouth and you could taste your sweet funky love juices on my lips and tongue.  It made you want all the more to take my cock in your mouth so that you could taste my salty hot cum.
You pleaded for me to untie you or at the very least for me to let you suck me off.  But I just said no I was not yet done with you.  So I moved back down between your legs and began exploring your clit and pussy lips with my tongue.  You once again began to feel the heat building in your loins when I slid first one, then two and finally three fingers into your pussy.  So my tongue worked in and around your clit while my fingers thrust faster and faster back and forth inside your pussy.  You couldn’t believe how good it felt and that you were going to climax yet again.  As before, just as you felt like you were going to cum I would slow down or shift the position of my tongue.  It felt so good to be teased by me, but you desperately wanted the release of an orgasm.  Just as you felt like you were going to explode you felt the fingers of my other hand playing with the inside of your thigh, rolling my fingers in and around the love juices on your thighs.  You wondered what I was up to when you felt one finger slide up your butt.  You couldn’t believe it – my tongue on your clit and my fingers both in your front and backside filling up every slot and you came once again, but I kept up the pressure on your clit with my tongue and thrusting my fingers in and out of your pussy and butt.  The feeling was almost too much to bear after you had just climaxed but I kept at and you quickly came not once but a second time in quick succession.
You had lost track how many times you had cum, but you had never felt such intense climaxes before in your life and you were thoroughly and completely spent.  Our bed was soaked, we were both soaked with sweat and love juices and there was a strong funky smell of sex permeating the room.  You promised me that you would get your revenge soon, but you were too exhausted to do that now and we fell into a deep sleep cuddling in each other’s arms. 
From: Sassy
To: Stew
Re: The View
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 10:13 PM

Wow!  This was very special.  Thank you very much for sharing it!  It is so cool that I inspired you. 
Have you ever played with anyone you work with?  Oddly enough, I never have.  I’ve crossed many lines but not that one.  I did have three guys come after me when I left my first job!  That was an interesting surprise.  
I don’t mind restraints now and then for variety.  Especially not silk scarves. Though you could put a pillow on my hands and tell me not to move them and I probably would play along.  Just remember in my world of equality, if you do that with me, I get to try it with you the next time!  Have you be restrained?  Blindfolded?  Been entered here, there and everywhere?  

From: Stew
To: Sassy
Re: The View
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 10:21 PM
Yes I did play with a woman at work and she worked for me – so that was a double no no.  She worked in Sacramento, so I only saw her about 6 times a year but while it lasted it was very passionate.  She left and is now in the Peace Corp.  See the reaction I elicit in women.
I am open to any sex play that does not involve pain and is mutually agreed upon.  So if you want to try that sometime I am open for it.  Have never been restrained or blindfolded and have not done it with a woman but would love at the right time and place try it with you if we decide there is chemistry between us and want to try it.
Have had a woman place her fingers up the poop shoot while she was sucking me off – quite an enjoyable experience.
I would love to be able to talk with you.  My phone number is [redacted].  now is not a good time, but if you have some free time tomorrow I would really love to talk with you

From: Stew
To: Sassy
Re: The black
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 10:50 PM
U really know how to get my motors running – I keep looking at the picture of your cleavage and reading about our encounter in your office.  All I can think of is cupping those beautiful full boobs in my hands while I enter you from behind after I bend you over the conference room table. I have so many things I would love to talk to you so I hope that you can call me on my cell phone at [# redacted] when you get a chance tomorrow

From: Sassy
To: Stew
Subject: re: The black
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 10:59 PM
So glad you like my chest… and could see yourself in the office with me.  
I would adore hearing your voice… and your words!  I am not working 
tomorrow but have a wacky day
8 am drop my car off to be repaired, take the Red Line to MGH
10 am Annual check-up at MGH, take the Red Line to Sis’ house
11:30 pm Lunch with Sis 
12:30 pm Visit to a possible assisted living center for my mom 
1:30 pm Pick up Mom’s car… hope it starts! 
If her car starts, I have to take it to be inspected.  After that I should be home!  So I will try to call you when I get home late afternoon?  If you can’t answer, just let it ring.  That should give you my number to call back when you can.  
I have a Google Voice number that looks like it’s from California, so don’t be startled.   
Tell me that you know how to keep from getting caught?  Last thing I want is to get you in trouble or face the ire of your wife! 

From: Stew
To: Sassy
Re: The black
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 11:14 PM
I hope all goes really well with your checkup and car.  Ur right u have a wacky dy.   
I cannot wait to talk with you.  
As for being discrete I will be very careful.  I am new to this and am being very cautious.  My wife does not know the passwords to any of my devices and I make sure that no messages can appear on a locked screen and before I put down a device I make sure to clear history and sign off the application.  Finally while it kills me I delete the emails before I go to sleep.  While I would love to reread them many times i would much rather not do anything to jeopardize my being able to act them out for real with you.  
I work out of my house as a consultant and my wife works. So I am all alone from 7:15 until 3:30 for sure and often after that as my wife likes to visit with friends and shop after work.  Tomorrow from 5;30 until 6:30 I should be driving alone in the car which would be a perfect time for me to talk.
I am so excited about the possibilities our future holds and look forward to learning more about you.  It certainly seems like we want the same thing have the same adventurous spirit.  I think we are going to make each other very happy.  I want to make sure.
Have sweet dreams and and think of me pounding deep inside of you in your office.  I know I will  🙂

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