Meet #37 Part 2 Dancing with Kris

Sunday, October 12, 2014
I woke up about 9 am, washed my face and brushed my teeth, then went to find Kris.  He was sitting on the sofa, drinking coffee, eating a banana and browsing the ads on Christian Mingles.  I ate a bowl of cereal sitting at my computer, checked my email, Facebook, blog hits… 
We caught up on news from his life and mine.  He put on the radio to his favorite station, WZLX, saying Sunday mornings they play the blues and that fits his miserable life right now!  The first song we heard actually had happy lyrics!  He started dancing around the living room!  He is so cute when he boogies!  I had to get up and join in!  We shook our groove thing, then bumped hips and then he twirled me around and took me in his arms!  We were giggling and dancing and… it was so fun!  He looked into my eyes and smiled great big and I melted.  He noted that we had not done that before.  Another milestone!  We keep finding new ways to make each other smile.  
He went off to take a shower.  I wrote to Philip, letting him know I had gotten Kris into my bed.  Ha! 
Kris took off to go watch a football game with another of his Christian ladies, “the very Catholic one.”  I told him Hubby would be away overnight on Tuesday and asked him to stay over with me.  He said he was very busy with work and still very conflicted but he would think about it.  Way to make me feel unwanted, dude. *sigh I asked him to think about it, he could even come in late, and get back to me.  He said, “Have a good week!” and was gone.  I had the feeling he had already made up his mind.  Ugh.  I know… I know… his life is a mess and I shouldn’t push. *sigh 
What a mixture this guy is! So sweet and funny and sexy.  And annoying.  I know I put up with too much but for now it is still worth it.  But I feel like the day is coming when the balance may shift.  If he doesn’t appear Tuesday, that may be it.

He texted as he left the garage. 

Kris: listen for the obnoxiously loud music…and the bike horn beeps goodbye… Alfalfa… grin 11:25 AM

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