Hopin4Passion60 writes

October 12, 2014 Sunday

I got a message from AM – a new man wrote to me!  First time in over a month! If you’ve ever wondered what a “you’ve got mail” email from Ashley Madison looks like, here it is (with some edits to protect his privacy).  It tempts me with some bits of his profile.  This one looks good!


Subject: Hopin4passion60 has sent you a Message

I logged on to read his message.  Oh my…


Date: Oct 12th – 1:04pm
From: Hopin4passion60
To: Sassy
I love laughing, touching, finding a way to get with each other what we do not have in our homes. I believe I am reasonably smart, with a good sense of humor, and upbeat. I like a wide variety of restaurants. I enjoy making a lady smile and be appreciated. I want conversation and sex. I am 6ft, 220 lbs, athletically built, so I am a sturdy guy and I love big, busty, beautiful, demure women with a great smile, sultry voice and a great attitude. We seem to have the same wants and desires. I am looking for one special lady with whom I can share a passionate love life. But for me in order to have passion there needs to be an underlying friendship. I want one special lady with whom I can talk, laugh and enjoy being with her and of course have great sex. But for the sex to be great there has to first be a connection. I do not want casual sex or one night stands. I want a woman who wants to be with me when we are not and not just because she is horny. If there is a connection between us I promise that in me you will find a kind, respectful and imaginative lover focused on your needs and desires.

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