Meet #36 Part 2 Beach Day

Sunday, September 28, 2014
I woke up about 5 am but managed to go back to sleep until around 9 am.  I was really frisky but could not interest Kris in any play.  He was mired in thinking about and then writing an email response to a nasty text from his wife.  I told him to tell her he is not available to her anymore to listen to her woes.  But he insisted on spending over an hour crafting a response to each of her points.  Ugh.  I told him we really needed to leave by 11 am.  At 10:55 am he jumped into the shower, dressed, tossed his stuff into the bag and we were able to leave at 11:15 am.  
Why do I have to hang around while he works and writes to his wife?  Cuddling with him is good but feeling less and less worth all the hassle.
We drove over to Bristol and were too late to get a seat on the deck at Quito’s.  Argh! We ended up inside, which was cooler but felt claustrophobic tucked into a corner.  The waitress did not speak to us for 25 minutes!  Kris finally got up and went to fetch her.  I had the flight of chowders, sharing with Kris.  He ordered this delicious spinach salad with bacon, cheese, pecans, cranberries and pears!  I nibbled bits of that.  He got the little neck clams in garlic and oil.  I had an odd version of paella – covered in spicy red sauce!  

I went off to the bathroom and asked him to get the bill and a take-out box.  He did it!  We paid and took off.  He wanted a blanket so he could sleep at the beach, and had found a consignment shop and called to check that they were open!  We went over there.  He ended up with Queen size blue sheets, which he can use later, because the blankets were too expensive.  
I drove back through Bristol, showed him the America3 America’s Cup boat, then went over the Mount Hope Bridge and back up 24 to 77 to Little Compton.  I told him about my last dinner with Philip at Evelyn’s Drive-In.  We stopped at Walker’s farm stand.  I got a chocolate chip cookie and their fresh lemonade. He got a carrot cake cupcake and hot coffee.  We sat at a table to nosh.  I braved their porto-potty!  It was clean but about 105 degrees inside.  I had terrible diarrhea so I was glad to rid myself of that! 

We drove on to South Beach.  It was so beautiful!  And crowded!  

We went for a stroll, got our feet wet then camped out on the sheet so he could have a 20-minute nap.  I put my head on his hip and closed my eyes too.  We got up at 4 pm, went to the car to clean off my feet then headed out.  His troubles weighed heavily on his mind, so he was quiet.  I patted his leg and tried to balance letting him think with distracting him.  
The traffic was heavy but rolled along.  I made it to my place at 5:45 pm!  My brother-in-law called asking me to get sparkling ciders.  So I dropped Kris off to get his motorcycle from the garage, dashed to the grocery store for 3 bottles and dashed to Sis’ house, arriving about 6:25 pm for dinner with my cousins! 


I got home about 9 and texted Kris.

Me: Finally home. Hope you’ve made it also. Delicious lamb dinner and good conversation with Sis and the family. Thanks again for the cuddles and all the rest! Mwah! 9:15 PM

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