Paella 2x

Monday, September 29, 2014

Good morning!  Hope you’re having a fun Monday!

Had paella yesterday at Quito’s in RI and thought of you!  They put spicy tomato sauce on it – tasty but right!

I meant to say “NOT right.”

10:38am Phil 

Looks fabulous

Also drove by Evelynn’s Drive In – they were doing big business on a beautiful day!

I took Kris to the secret beach.

10:43am Phil 

Love Evelynn’s! Glad you had a fun weekend! We did too

Tried a different restaurant – J&J, a Portuguese place tucked into the back of a convenience store like a secret.  Hubby had garlic pork and I got paella made the right way!  So yummy!  

2 thoughts on “Paella 2x

  1. Love Paella! The second dish looks WAY better. Paella is a poor man's dish so it should be relatively plain. As I have been told spices should not dominate the food, only enhance the flavor. If all you taste is the spice then there is no reason for the food. I want to be able to taste the shrimp, the muscles, the sausage, along with the saffron rice.

    It's OK to have tomatoes in paella but it should be just that tomatoes cooked in with the stew, not tomato sauce.

  2. Hiya Ryan! Thanks for dropping by! I was shocked at the tomato sauce on the RI version! Felt like one more part of that trip that didn't work out as I expected. Paella is on my list of meals to have out – too much chopping and cooking different things. Luckily we have fantastic restaurants run by people from Portugal and Azores that make it for us!

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