Meet #35 Part 2 / planning #36

Friday, September 26, 2014

Kris was dressed and sipping coffee sitting on the sofa when I got up.  I bumbled around taking my pills then did my morning routine.  I asked if he’d drop me at work so Hubby could sleep in, and he agreed!  I threw on my clothes and we chatted our way to my office.  He told me to have a good weekend, that he had to stay home and get things done.  I wished him well and went off to work.  I took this as a brush-off and did not expect to hear from him for awhile.

An hour later, my phone lit up.  Ha!


Kris: got a proposal.   10:00 AM
Kris: to say “yes” u need to put your “wtf/why not” cap on… 10:02 AM
Kris: “what the fuck / why not”? Crazy Kris 10:03 AM
Me: So propose already! 10:16 AM
Kris: take Mon off.  go on three day bike road trip with me. leave early tomorrow morning.  return Mon night.  gorgeous warm weather.  amazing scenery.  man you’ve deluded yourself into imagining u have good sex with.   😉  Evil Alfalfa 10:59 AM
Me: Oh that sounds so good! But I have to be with Mom tomorrow lunch time. And I can not take Monday off, as I am taking Wednesday off for Mom’s birthday. And you said you need to stay home and get things done! I would adore taking you to the beach in RI later Saturday and/or Sunday. 11:25 AM
Kris: ok.  let me think about it.  will get back to u.  🙂 1:18 PM
Kris: if u want to go to R.I. Sat, spend nite, back Sun nite?  I’m game.  just one catch.   3:57 PM
Kris: I’m broke.  could split cost in half.  but u would have to pay full amount now.  I would have to owe my share to u possibly into late Nov.  3:59 PM
Kris: if u cant.  or would just rather not.  I understand.  in same boat (Titanic?)  Alfalfa 4:00 PM
Me: Yay! Two questions – can you be here by 2 pm tomorrow? May I drive? 6:53 PM

Kris: yes and yes.  can u afford to lend me half the cost?  assume we’d spend the nite in hotel someplace?  if so – who would shop for room? Hubby doesn’t need car? just want comfort of a/c car? “break from bike? lots of questions!  sorry late in replying.  need to get up early to work.  so free to enjoy time with you! 2:12 AM

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