Meet #35 Soup and The Couch

Thursday, September 25, 2014 

I was sitting at my desk at 8:30 pm, missing Kris, chatting with another blogger online, when my phone lit up.  There was a text from Kris!  

Kris: watcha up to? 8:33 PM
Me: Sitting at my desk! 8:35 PM
Kris: just got out of work, listening to loud rock music.  just stopped to think/decide – go to gym?   skip gym and go home? skip gym and go someplace else? Hmmm.  South or North?Conflicted/Messed Up Alfalfa 8:49 PM
Me: I await your decision. You are welcome here! 8:52 PM
Kris: might not b good for much. listen to music u don’t like.  whine.  annoy u 8:54 PM
Me: Sounds great! 8:55 PM
Kris: incorrigible.  Okay.  South it is!  have car.  will park at rink.  use front door.  eta 9:20.  apt #? 8:57 PM
Me: [apt #] 8:58 PM
Me: YAY! 8:58 PM
Kris: incorrigible! 🙂 9:00 PM

I dashed around picking up and cleaned the kitchen a bit.  I took stock of what I could offer him to eat. 
He appeared at 9:20 pm!  He brought tomatoes from his garden, and I fed him a bowl of Progresso pasta e fagioli soup.  He sat on my sofa eating while I sat at my desk working on arrangements for a trip to the midwest at Thanksgiving. 
He talked of his pain.  His brain will not shut up about how he has screwed up his life.  Lost his wife, his family… but on the other hand, he can ride his motorcycle, grow his hair, has gotten an earring.  He told me about his wife asking for money.  He asked her to stop telling him how evil he is, and she has been civil!  He did mention that he has not heard from his children in 3 months.  And that his brother came from far away for his annual vacation on the Cape and didn’t even tell him about it.  He found out from his mother that he’d been in town.  He wondered how long they will shun him.  At least his mother is still being good to him.  
I went over and sat down next to him on the couch.  He put his head in my lap and I rubbed his chest.  He pulled up his shirt so I could play with the hair on his chest and tweak his nipples.  He said he found it comforting.  I rubbed his head.  He continued to talk about his life.  He apologized for whining.  I told him I am so glad he turns to me instead of suffering in silence. Maybe as he talks about it, he will see new ways around his troubles.  It got to be past midnight and I had to make myself go to bed.  I sat up and he started rubbing my back.  Oh man… that felt soooo good!  I could’ve sat there for hours.  But I had to get some sleep.  He said that was too bad.  He wanted to rub other areas!  Hee… but it was 1 am by then.  I tore myself away.

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