Two hands

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Good morning!  Being there to listen may be the thing that makes the difference.  Hard but worth it if she kicks him and the coke.  

I’m off joust with the boss again  Whee!


Take a book title that asks a question, and answer it with maximum snark.

10:34pm Phil 
Good luck with that! I still love her, always will so I will always listen and always help anyway I can. I really can’t do anything less. Just me I guess.

Hope your day was good!

Kris is here! We’re on my sofa with his head in my lap and cock in my hand!

10:39pm Phil 

Ooh nice! How you typing with his cock in your hand?


I have two hands and he is mostly asleep

10:40pm Phil 
Hot, enjoy baby, take good care of that cock, hope he takes good care of your pussy

You could have a cock in that hand too

11:04pm Phil 

I’m jealous.
Enjoy baby

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