Meet #34 The Office

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Me: Happy Fall! Hope you have a great Tuesday! 7:44 AM
Kris: thanks.  u too.. 🙂 7:45 AM
Me: If I wanted to hold your hand and talk and smile… let me know when I could do that. I could drive, meet you somewhere. Not going to Mom’s tonight. Open every night this week except Friday. 9:14 AM
Kris: how bout I pick u up at your work today on my bike? Maybe u could invite me in to see your office?  Evil Alfalfa 12:17 PM
Me: YAY! Don’t have my heavy jacket but could do a little ride. Can you get here by about 5 pm? Parking’s tricky but around 5pm there may be spots. Ping me once you’ve parked – I’ll meet you on the street, bring you in for the grand tour. Oh goody! 12:29 PM
Kris: I expected a whining “ohhhh.  I don’t know!!!  u must want to hold hands pretty badly… 😉 ping u when I get there.  try to be on time 12:41 PM
Kris: …mean I’ll try to be on time (u always r). 12:42 PM
Me: You are making my day! Makes it so much easier to get thru the day when I can look forward to holding your hand! Just not in the office, please! 1:01 PM
Kris: ok…”just a friend”.   😉 1:09 PM
Me: My friend Kris. 🙂 1:12 PM
Kris: 🙂 1:26 PM
Kris: here! 5:03 PM
Me: Yay! I’ll be right down. 5:03 PM

I was very brave this morning.  I woke up thinking that I wanted to see Kris.  I wanted to hold his hand and see his smile.  So I texted him to tell him that!  I try never to ask him, to wait for him to invite me.  I don’t want to add any pressure when he is already stressed to the max, and I don’t want him to think I am “luring him” to do things he doesn’t want to, preying on his weakness for me. 
9:14 am 
If I wanted to hold your hand and talk and smile… let me know when I could do that.  I could drive, meet you somewhere.  Not going to Mom’s tonight.  Open every night this week except Friday.  
12:17 pm
how bout i pick u up at your work today…..on my bike?  Maybe u could invite me in to see it. ….Evil Alfalfa
12:29 pm
YAY!  Don’t have my heavy jacket but could do a little ride.  Can you get here by about 5 pm?  Parking’s tricky but around 5pm there may be spots.  Ping me once you’ve parked – I’ll meet you outside, give you the grand tour.  There’s a farmers market that’s fun to walk around too.  Oh goody!  
12:41 pm
i expected a whining “ohhhh….i don’t know!!!…..u must want to hold hands pretty badly…  ;). …..  ping u when i get there….
1:01 pm
You are making my day!  Makes it so much easier to get thru the day when I can look forward to holding your hand!  Just not in the office, please!  


Kris appeared right on time at 5.  We had such fun! I met him out on the street and gave him a tour of my office!  One of my colleagues was there and I introduced him as “my friend Kris.”  I kissed him at my desk and in the elevator!  
I gave him the nickel tour of the area.  We sat outside and people-watched a while.  He had great news – his renter admitted starting the fire with a cigarette,  and offered to pay the $1k deductible.  And his insurance will cover indoor cleaning, replacing and staining his entire deck and the patio doors, then painting his entire downstairs, as it has an open floor plan so if they paint the part near the fire, they need to keep going!  So he gets a renovation!  And they’re starting this morning!  Finally some better luck for him. 
We went to dinner.  He told me about visiting his mother on Sunday.  She noticed his longer hair and earring, commented that they were odd to see “on a man of his age” and then let it drop.  Not too bad, he thought!  We had a wonderful meal –  we shared clam chowder with bacon, and crispy calamari with a spicy tomato sauce.  I had meatloaf with mashed potatoes and broccoli, and he ate their swordfish specials with fingerlings and green beans.  We traded bites.  
We crossed the street to a dessert place for decadent sweets.  He wanted the 6-item sampler.  

I had the hazelnut hot chocolate – the stuff dreams are made of.  We decided the creme brulee was so delicious – we ordered a whole one!  It comes in a huge bowl with fresh fruit and lemon cookies.  
He brought me home on his bike.  It was fun to cruise down my usual streets and see them in a new way on the open bike.  There wasn’t much traffic so we could roll easily and I wasn’t so nervous.  I got him into the garage and moved my car to the street.  I took him upstairs and kissed him hot and heavy in the elevator.  My phone had died, so I went in first to check to be sure Hubby was clothed.  He was up and decent, playing video games, so I told Kris to come on in. 
We camped out on the sofa with his head on my lap and his cock in my hand!  I got texts from four guys while I was sitting there – Philip, a cub, a chatter and a blog fan!  Yeesh.  They were jealous!  
Suddenly his mood changed.  *sigh  He talked again about how he should not have come down here.  That he is going against his beliefs.  But he is weak and can’t stick to them.  He talked about the women he is meeting from the Christian Mingles site.  He told the “little old lady who lives in a shoe” that he is no longer interested.  She is great but he can’t deal with her myriad children.  So he is still talking to three women.  It’s interesting to see how he talks about them and the search for a new wife, even if it all seems wrong and desperate.  
I wanted to do more, but he fell asleep, so I tucked him in and sadly went off to bed alone.  He was gone before I got up in the morning.  But the joy of our evening together will keep me smiling for quite awhile!  

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