Keeping me warm

Sunday, September 21, 2014 

Kris: yes….thanks. 🙂 8:00 AM

Me: Good morning! Mwah! 8:02 AM

Me: Wish I could roll over and cuddle with you. 8:03 AM

Kris: 🙂 8:12 AM

Me: It’s very hard to be here with “Mr Don’t Touch Me” when I thought I’d be with you. 8:30 AM

Kris: sorry. (:  not the same but hug from afar.  but on the positive side u dodged a potentially big bullet – a ride in the COLD AND RAIN ON A BIKE FROM BAR HARBOR TO BOSTON – count your blessings… 😉 8:43 AM

Me: Hugs. Had a hot dream about you and the bike. That’s keeping me warm for now! 8:49 AM
Kris: 🙂 8:51 AM

Me: Hope you had a good day.  Date go well?  Sleep well dear man.  11:59 PM
Kris: no date – cancelled yesterday after found out about fire.  Visited mom today.  watched Pats then movie (“The Help”…good flick) till 11:00 – just got home.  Good news! rented another room, one more to go! Sleep well too 🙂 12:29 AM

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