Thinking too much

Saturday, September 13, 2014
You were up late… hope you had fun!  I woke up early, getting thing done around here, then off to Mom’s. Whee!

I am thinking too much… you  know how that is.  Something needs to give… not sure what.  Praying for guidance, some hint toward a new path… have a fun day!

9:25am Phil 

I hear you. Tough when the job and home suck. You have no sanctuary. Sat up with my kid, wining today and Freding tomorrow.

Took Mom on an adventure out in the burbs.  I had a yen for a salad bar, so we wandered out to Westborough!  So many delicious choices!  

We went on a grocery store adventure to the first Wegman’s in MA – drove up to Northborough.  The place is a zoo!  HUGE food court, humongous store… whee!

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