Sexy Toes

Friday, September 12, 2014


TGIF!  Headed to another schnitty day at work, then dinner at Sis’ house with NC cousin who just started at Harvard!  Have a great weekend kid!

8:27am Phil 
You too! My kid is coming up today with a friend. Going to a wine festival tomorrow with her and friends. Sunday it’s down to another office early so I can be settled for FOOTBALL and then a week there working. Whoo Hoo!

5:28pm Phil

[Photo of Philip in a sweatshirt smiling]
Hubba hubba!

5:57pm Phil 

I don’t know about all that facial hair but it’s fun for now

Gonna have a birthday soon.  Shit! Don’t feel old.  Feel 20 yrs younger!

You are as young as you feel! 

11:02pm Phil 
[photo of Fred and her daughter at a bar]
11:02pm Phil 
They make me feel young


Rock on!

11:04pm Phil 
Yeah babe

11:05pm Phil 

[photo of Philip’s legs and feet propped up in front of the fire pit]
Oh sure… tease me with those sexy toes!

12:07am Phil

: )

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